We’d like to announce we’ve revamped and updated our site: United States Birth Certificate. We offer an easy way to get a copy of your birth certificate.  Here’s a fast overview of how it works and common questions.

Just 3 steps to getting your birth certificate from any state through us. 
1. Fill out our online form.
2. Upload a copy of your driver’s license or state i.d.
3. Get your birth certificate delivered in your mail box.

The Law of Needing Things states, “You will know exactly where your certificate copy of your birth certificate is until you need it.
This happens often. For this reason, if you need your birth certificate copy on a rush, we can do that too.

There are numerous reasons that you might need a copy of your birth certificate:
1 -A New employer may request it.
2- Passport or visa application
3- Insurance application
4- School registration
5- Geneology or family research purposes

Although your birth certificate can’t be delivered online. It will show up at the address you designated at the time of your order.
Get a copy of your birth certificate, it’s never a bad idea to have one handy.


The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. This hotel was awarded a score of 99.29 by Travel and Leisure.


Travel and Leisure describes the hotel as “A palace fit for a maharaja.” The hotel is built on its own private island in Udaipur—consequently, the former hunting grounds of India’s kings—and guests are transported to the property via private boat. Repeat visitors will love the departure gifts the property bestows, such as traditional mirror-work coasters or jewelry boxes.

Travelers from the United States will need a travel visa for entry to India. If you want to plan your trip instead of gathering documents and making an appearance at the embassy, let us do the legwork for you and get your visa.

Here is all you need to do:
India Visa Fast Call Now! (713) 874-1420 - Texas Tower Fast Passport and Visa Call Now! (713) 874-1420.clipular (1)

India Visa Fast Call Now! (713) 874-1420 - Texas Tower Fast Passport and Visa Call Now! (713) 874-1420.clipular

Ready? Just go to our dedicated page for india visa and start your order now.

Burkina Faso is a landlocked West African country that you don’t see mentioned often as a place to visit. The infrastructure for tourism could be described as light. In 2015, a travel warning was issued for embassy staff to depart due to civil unrest that resulted in commercial flights halting at the airport. According to the State Department, that warning has been lifted as of September 21, 2015 as the situation has calmed down and commercial flights have resumed. If you want to experience a destination that is definitely off the beaten path Burkina Faso has some great places to take in.

United States citizens will require a visa to enter the country for either tourism or business travel purposes. The maximum stay on a visa is 30 days.

Here is how to get your Burkina Faso travel visa through Texas Tower:
Burkina Faso Visa - Texas Tower Fast Passport and Visa Call Now! (713) 874-1420.clipular
Remember, you can no longer add pages to your passport. If you do not have one blank visa page in your passport as required for entry to Burkina Faso, you will also need to renew your passport.

Here is an overview from the Burkina Faso embassy’s video for tourism.

Photo courtesy of Department of Homeland Security
Photo courtesy of Department of Homeland Security

The answer is: not just yet.

As of Friday, several states had issued-i.d.’s that were considered not in compliance with the Real I.D. Act. This would make having a passport a necessity for flying out of one of those states to another state.

On Monday, January 11th, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that a new timeline was being implemented to give the states adequate time to comply with the more secure measures. The new deadline is January 2018.

The two-year delay was necessary because less than half of the states in the US have met all the Real ID requirements. In the statement, Johnson said that only 23 states were “fully compliant” at this time. Five states are completely non-compliant and were not given any extensions beyond Jan. 1 of this year. They are Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and Washington. 22 states had not fully met the requirements of the Act, but given extensions of various lengths because they were working towards implementation.

If you want to see the timeline for your state’s compliance to the Real I.D. act, Homeland Security has set up a website.

passports and visa services
Texas Tower Passport and Visa

It’s not a bad idea to have a passport ready to go. If you’ve never applied for a passport, or you need to renew your passport, we can help you. Visit our Passport page or call our office at 713-874-1420.

In December, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning that U.S. citizens should avoid all travel to the country due to safety reasons.

United States citizens that need to travel to Lebanon can get their travel visas through Texas Tower. We handle both tourist and business-type travel visas. In addition to the requirements below, multiple entry will require a written invitation from Lebanon host.

If you need a travel visa to Lebanon, we can obtain it for you and save you a trip to the embassy. Just gather the necessary documentation below:
Lebanon Visa - Texas Tower Fast Passport and Visa Call Now! (713) 874-1420.clipular
Despite the travel warnings in effect, Lebanon is a culturally rich country.
Here’s a tourism video from Tour Word.

If you have any questions about your passport or visa for travel to Lebanon, please contact our office at 713-874-1420. We can assist you.