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Planning a trip to Cuba? We can process visas for both business and tourism purposes.

Here’s what you need to obtain a Business Visa for Cuba:
One completed Cuba Visa Application
One passport type photo and your physical passport  will also need to be submitted with your application. Make sure your expiration date is six months beyond the completion of your trip to Cuba.  You will also need to have two blank pages available for entry and exit from Cuba. You’ll need to provide a copy of your flight itinerary and a recent bank statement. You will also need a company business letter detailing the nature of your business-related trip. If you need help with this – we’re here for you! Generate one now and print on your company letterhead.  Additionally, you will need to provide a letter of invitation from your host company in Cuba. 

Tourist travel visas for Cuba have fewer requirements. You will need to submit a one completed Cuba Visa ApplicationYou will need to submit a passport-type photo along with your physical passport with two blank visa pages. Tourists will also need to submit their most recent bank statement and a copy of their flight itinerary.

To get started you can go here to our dedicated Cuba Travel Visa page.

Kazakhstan is located just south of Russia. If you’re traveling there for business or as a tourist, there is a lot to see and do.

First you’ll need to make sure your passport is ready to go. To enter Kazakhstan, you will need to make sure your passport’s expiration date is at least six months beyond the completion of your trip. Also you will need at least one blank page for your stamp to enter the country.
If you need assistance renewing your passport or adding page, we can help you.

Here are the current requirements for obtaining your Kazakhstan travel visa for either visiting on business or as a tourist.
Kazakhstan Visa - Texas Tower Fast Passport and Visa Call Now! (713) 874-1420.clipular
As with any international travel, it is always a good idea to check in with the State Department for latest travel warnings (if any) for Kazakhstan. 

If you want to get a good overview of what to see and do in Kazakhstan, check out this video.

That’s just a brief overview of how easy it is to get your travel visa for Kazakhstan. Our office can help you expedite it. You simply need to gather together the documents we require, and fill out the order form. Once you give us the completed documents, our agents will go to the embassy for you and obtain your travel visa.
We can even expedite your travel visa in just 1-2 working days or do a one-way delivery directly to the airport. If you need rush service or airport delivery, please call our office at 713-874-1420 and one of our knowledgeable agents will be ready to assist you.


Life happens and sometimes those happenings include a change of name. Along with your driver’s license and social security card, you’ll also need to update your passport. We can make the process easy.

First you will need to complete an application Department of State’s passport portal. Remember, they require original signatures so you cannot scan or email the documents.

Two passport type photos, we recommend that you take the photos at Walgreens or CVS. However, it is permissible to take the photos yourself. There are strict rules to follow to meet the State Department’s guidelines for passport photos if you choose to take your own photos.

We have an authorization letter you will need to sign that gives Texas Tower permission to act on your behalf obtaining your updated passport. You will need to include a copy of your current passport. It must be currently valid and undamaged. You will be receiving a new passport, and your old passport will be returned to you with a cancellation mark.

If you require rush service on the re-issue of your passport, you will need to include a flight itinerary or a letter from your company stating you require rush level service. We can help you if you need a sample letter to meet the requirements.

To substantiate your name change, you will need to include an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other court order. No scans or photocopies may be accepted. Get started here on our handy page for changing your name on your passport.

getting peru travel visaBefore you travel to Peru, make sure you have your personal travel docs in order. Leaving from the U.S., you will need both a passport and visa to enter Peru. Here’s an overview of what you will need to get your travel visa.

For business travel only a visa is required. For business or tourism purposes, the maximum stay in Peru is 90 days. Texas Tower can only assist travelers with valid United States passports in obtaining their business travel visas to Peru. All other nationals will need to make a personal appearance at the Peruvian consulate to obtain their travel visas.

Check your passport and make sure that the expiration date on your passport is more than 6 months from your return date from Peru. If it is less, you will need to also renew your passport at this time,  we can help you with that.

To see the documents you need to have in order to get your business visa, please visit our Peru Visa page. Note the special requirement for your application to be both signed and fingerprinted. Business travelers will also require an invitation from their host within Peru to qualify for a travel visa.

U.S. passport holders visiting Peru as tourists do not require a travel visa for entry. However the country charges an exit fee at the airport.

Let us help the preparation part of your journey to Peru become fast and easy. Call our office at 713-874-1420 with any questions about your travel to Peru.


Mali has some unique things about their travel visas. First of all, the length is longer than many other countries allow. Your Mali visa will be good for a maximum stay of 365 days. You will need a visa to enter the country for both business or tourism purposes.


On our Mali visa page, we have made it easy to get the documentation you need with an easy to follow list. For Business travel you will need to complete the Mali visa application (we provide the link), and print two copies. You will also need to obtain two passport photos. Currently, Mali does require proof of a current vaccination for Yellow Fever for entry into the country. If you aren’t sure how to obtain verification, just call our office and one of our agents will be glad to help you. Also, make sure your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the completion date of your trip, you will need to also renew your passport if the expiration date is less than 6 months. You will also need a blank visa page, we can also assist you in adding pages to your passport if necessary.

The requirements for a tourist visa are nearly identical to a business visa.
There are also embassy fees that will need to be paid.
Mali visa fees for US Citizens
Multiple entry valid up to 5 years
receive in 10 business days $ 131.00

Multiple entry valid up to 5 year
receive in 2 business days $ 181.00

That’s the basics for getting your Mali travel visa. If you need to expedite your visa or you need other certified documents or translations, we can assist you. Contact our office today and get started!

Tips for Getting Your China Visa FastOne of the smartest things you can do when you’re planning to travel to China from the United States, outsource the procurement of your travel visa to Texas Tower.

How Does the Process Work?
For both business and tourist travel visas to China, just visit this page and follow the instructions. We have organized what paperwork to submit to us, with links to make it easy.  Once you gather the necessary documents, we save you a trip to the embassy and obtain your China travel visa for you. We can also translate any necessary documents for you to or from English.

What are the Passport Requirements for China?
Also, our agent will help you with your passport if necessary. Entry to China requires a passport valid 6 months beyond trip completion and side by side blank visa pages. If you need to renew your passport, we can help you with that too.

Can You Obtain Certified Documents?
If you need any certified documents such as a birth certificate, we can obtain a copy from anywhere in the United States.

How Long Does it Take?
Acquiring your China travel visa can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days depending on the type of service you order from Texas Tower.

Take the hassle out of gathering your travel documents and going to the embassy to get your travel visa, let Texas Tower take care of the legwork for you.  Call us today at (713) 874-1420 to get started.

day four of the trip to

If your company requires employees to travel overseas on a regular basis, it makes good sense to outsource the procurement of passports and travel visas to a third party like Texas Tower.

No Overhead or Overtime 
Because you’re outsourcing, there isn’t a need to hire extra staff, pay overtime, or deal with delays because someone got swamped. We will handle coordinate with you regarding each person’s travel plans, and make sure their passport is current and ready to travel. We will also ensure that the travel visa (if the destination requires a U.S. citizen to use one for entry to the country), can be procured in a timely manner. Thereby saving a trip to the embassy.

Documents at the Speed You Need Them
Most passports and travel visas can be expedited and obtained for you in as little as 24-hours. Each destination country has their own processing methods and timeline. Call and talk to our agents to find out the time frame for your specific needs.

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Special Handling
Angola work visas and travel visas for India require special attention. We will do the legwork for your employee and save time on travel prep.

Translation Services
Our services also run to translation. We can translate any necessary documents from any language to English or English to any required language for travel.  Outsourcing translation  saves having to hire someone in-house for this task.

Certified Birth Certificate
There is another must-have document for travel. We can obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate from any state you require. Many visas require a certified birth certificate as one of the accepted proof of nationality.

You can save money and time outsourcing how you handle employee international travel. Our staff will handle each request on an individual basis to make sure the exact travel documents needed arrive on time and are 100% accurate. Contact us today to discuss at (713) 874-1420, we handle both large and small volume clients.

vietnamdosdonts (3)Keep this post in the back of your mind and share with anyone you know that travels, finding out your passport has been stolen is a situation you need to know how to handle.

If Your Passport was Stolen in the United States
A stolen passport is the potential for identity theft and you need to take the steps to protect yourself if it happens to you. The first thing you need to do is contact the State Department at 877-487-2778, there will be an agent available to help you from 8AM until 10PM EST Monday through Friday. A report will be taken over the phone and your passport will be deactivated immediately. You will be given a confirmation number, make sure you keep it handy for the next step.

The next step is to file a police report. Refer to the confirmation number you were given from the State Department in your police report. Although, the majority of stolen passports are not recovered, it is important to file a police report also to protect yourself from liability in the case of identity theft.

Finally, you will need to get a new passport. We can walk through the process here and make the process fast and easy.

If Your Passport is Stolen Abroad
U.S. citizens that are traveling abroad and have their passports stolen will need to replace them before re-entering the United States. The State Department advises to contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, and report your passport as lost or stolen. If you are scheduled to leave the country in a short time, let the consular officer know so the process can be handled as fast as possible. Normally you will need to obtain a photo for your passport to be issued, and you will be directed to the closest place to get a new passport photo.

If you are notified by a friend or relative traveling in a foreign country that their passport has been stolen you can help them from the U.S. by contacting the Office of Overseas Citizens Services, U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C, at 1-888-407-4747. You can assist your friend or loved one in finding the nearest embassy or consulate to assist them.

Traveling to the beautiful country of Togo on business or pleasure? You will need a visa to enter the country, and one other thing: you must show proof of a yellow fever vaccination.

To Get Your Togo Visa for Business Travel
Your maximum stay is 30 days in Togo. You will need to also obtain three passport photos. You can obtain these through any local CVS, Rite-Aid, or Kinko’s/Fed Ex store for example. You will also need to complete the visa application for Togo and print three copies.

You will also need proof from your physician that you have had a recent vaccination of Yellow Fever. Your flight itinerary, and a letter from your company on company letterhead will be required in your visa package. We can help you if you need help drafting the letter to meet the requirements for travel to Togo.

Getting your Togo Travel Visa for Tourism
Just like with the business travel, you will need to provide three copies of the Togo visa application and three passport type photos. You will also need to proof of a recent vaccination for Yellow Fever. The last requirement will be to provide a copy of your flight itinerary.

Passport Requirements
For tourism or business travel to Togo, your passport must have an expiration date of 6-months beyond your trip completion date, and one blank visa page. If you need to renew your passport or add pages, just contact our offices, we can expedite the process for you.

Ready to get started on your Togo visa? Just visit our dedicated country page or call our offices with any questions.


An interesting study showed that over half of Americans do not possess a passport. Some let their passports expire and others simply never applied. The process for getting a passport is simple, and outsourcing the legwork to a company like Texas Tower makes it even less of a hassle for you.

Our passport area of the site is broken up by type of passport need. Get started here. You can renew, replace a lost of stolen passport, or apply for your first passport. If you have any questions, or need assistance, our agents will help you along the process to make it easy and seamless.

The website ATTN has written a great article about “5 Reasons Why Americans Need a Passport.

Last but not least – here are 10 cool facts about Passports