In December 2016, the Chinese Consulate updated the requirements for the photograph that accompanies your visa application. Here is a brief overview of the changes:

The template given for photos shows the photograph needs to between 354 pixels wide and 420 pixels in height or 420 pixels wide to 520 pixels height.

The photos should be photographed using RGB 24-bit TrueColor. 
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The image type should be saved as a JPG. Additionally, the file should be compressed and size should be between 40-kb to 120-kb.

Facial Requirements: 
– The Visa applicant should be facing forward with entire face fully visible.
– The expression should be neutral with mouth closed, eyes open, and ears visible.
– There should not be any object or other person in the photograph.
– Glasses may be worn if they are not tinted, do not obstruct the eyes and do not have any glare on the lenses in the photograph.
– Head coverings only may be worn for religious reasons and the covering must not obstruct the face in any way.
– The background of the photograph should be white or close to white with no borders.
– The photo much be taken in the last 6 months.

P020161206204655391310.jpg (3508×4895).clipular

Don’t want to hassle with the paperwork or a trip to the embassy? Outsource the task to us. Just fill out your paperwork and we’ll do the rest for you. Get started on our dedicated China Visa page here at Texas Tower and if you have any questions, just ask – we’re here to help you.

SARAThe People’s Republic of China, or just China is sometimes confused with the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan. If you are planning to travel to China on business or as a tourist, you will need both a current passport and a travel visa to enter the country.

Passport Requirements 
You will need to have a passport that carries an expiration date 6 months beyond the date of your trip completion. You will also need to have side-by-side blank visa pages. If you need to renew your passport, we offer an expedited service and we can also help you add extra pages to your passport.  You can get more information about those passport services here.

Business and Tourist Travel Visa Requirements for People’s Republic of China
The embassy requires that the forms be typed not handwritten, be aware of this requirement. We have an easy to follow list of the paperwork you need to get together to obtain your travel visa. We can also expedite the process for you if you need it faster than the standard processing time of approximately 10 working days.

If you need to obtain your travel visa to China faster, we can assist you with that and expedite your paperwork to the embassy and get your visa back to you within 1-2 working days. Contact us to get started with your visa today.

Have any questions about traveling to the People’s Republic of China? Just call us! (713) 874-1420


Texas Tower Passport and Visa 713-874-1420 (1)United States citizens require a visa to visit Russia for either business or tourism purposes. Here are some tips to know about getting your Russian Visa.

Will I have to go to the Russian Embassy to get my travel visa?
Yes, the consulate stopped processing visa applications by mail in 2010. You can outsource that task to us.

What types of visas are available to enter Russia?
Depending on the nature of your trip to Russia, you will need one of the following visas:
business, private, humanitarian, or tourist.

get russian visa

How Long is the Maximum Stay?
The maximum allowed stay on a visa is 90 days. Your visa will require that the exact dates of your arrival and departure in Russia are included and generally your departure date may not be extended.

What is OVIR?
That is an acronym for Otdel Viz i Registratsii or Office of Visas and Registration. You must register with OVIR if your stay in Russia is going to be longer than 72 hours. Most hotels offer this service.

Any Special Passport Requirements?
Your passport expiration date should be 6 months after the completion date of your trip to Russia. You will also need 1 blank visa page.

Outsource Your Visa Paperwork
We can do the legwork for you taking your paperwork to the consulate as well as getting any necessary documents translated as needed. Get started here on your Russian Travel Visa.

Have any questions about getting your visa for Russia? Contact our offices today 713-874-1420, one of our professionals will be happy to answer your questions.

Your Passport - How Damaged is Too Damaged to Use-Two things you need to double check with your passport before you leave the U.S. First, make sure your passport has longer than six months before expiration . Second, make sure your passport isn’t damaged. Either one of those conditions will halt your travel.

Damage may include any of the following –

• A small child has applied artwork to the passport

  • Personal details are indecipherable (non-readable).

• The laminate has lifted enough to allow the possibility of photo substitution.

• Discoloration to the bio-data page.

• Chemical or ink spillage on (any page).

• Missing or detached pages

dog ate my passport
A dog ate this passport. Seriously.

You will not be able to travel in or out of a country if your passport is damaged. We created an easy-to-follow list of actions, complete with handy links, you need to do in order to get your passport re-issued.
Click to see larger version of the steps.
Replace Your Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport - Texas Tower 24 Hour Passport and Visa.clipular

Got a question about a damaged passport? Feel free to contact us. Either tag us in a photo on Facebook or contact us on Twitter @txtpassportvisa. And of course you’re always welcome to contact our office at 713-874-1420. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one service we give each and every client.

Owe Taxes- IRS Can Revoke Your Passport
Americans that are more than $50,000 in debt to the IRS for overdue taxes could find themselves in a real pickle if they need to travel when the Real ID Act is fully implemented in 2020.

In 2015, Congress introduced a bill for highway funding that includes a provision to revoke the passport of any citizen of the United States who owes more than $50,000 in delinquent tax debt. The criteria to meet the level of delinquent tax debt includes the IRS filing a levy or lien against the overdue taxes and no repayment plan has been established. Now, it’s the law, the IRS can revoke passports.

Lawmakers feel this measure will be an incentive for individuals who owe back taxes to become current with their tax debt and they have until October 2020 to get their tax bills in order.

Another group this provision is expected to affect are Americans who live abroad who may have domestic tax bills in arrears. This will affect their passport status as well.


If you have any questions about how to get your passport or how to renew, talk to us. Call us at 713-874-1420 during business hours or message us on Facebook.