passports and visa servicesYou have choices when you apply for your first passport or renew.  You can go through the U.S. Passport Agency, and the wait time can be up to four to seven weeks, with the average time around six weeks.

The other choice is outsourcing your passport acquisition to a third party agency like Texas Tower.

We make it very simple for you.  Simply click the link for the type of passport service your individual situation requires, and then use our checklist to get the necessary documents printed and signed. Then we’ll do the rest of the leg work for you.


Our standard turn around time is 6-12 days or you can get an expedited passport rush in just 24 hours.  The U.S. Passport Agency does not offer 24-hour service.

There is a fee for using our service, but it frees you up to plan your trip and not hassle with the passport agency. When you’re ready for your passport, we’ll have it for you.

If you have any questions about obtaining your passport or feel you have a unique situation, just contact our office at 713-874-1420, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

Next time you’re traveling, especially if you’re standing in line or on a long layover, remember this post and look around the airport.

There are four primary colors of passport around the world. Each country has different passports for its citizens such as diplomats have a different passport color in the U.S. than the blue covered U.S. passport most travelers receive.

Red Passports
Passports with a red cover are chosen by countries with a previous or current communist system of government. Citizens of China, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Latvia, Poland, and Romania are among the countries that carry this passport. Just to make it a little confusing, countries that are members of the EU use burgundy passports. Turkey, Macedonia, and Albania changed the covers of their passports to show their interest in joining the EU. The Andean Community of Nations made up of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia also use Burgundy passports.

Blue Passports
This is the color of the U.S. passport since 1976 and represents the
15 Caribbean countries have blue cover passports. In South America, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay use blue passports to show a connection to the Mercosur trade union.

Green Passports
Is the color of most Muslim countries such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Green was the most favored color by the Prophet Muhammad and is a symbol of both nature and life. Certain African nations use passports in shades of green to show membership in ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States).

Black Passports
The most rarely issued passports are those with black covers. Certain African countries such as Botswana, Zambia, Burundi, Gabon, Angola, Chad, Congo, and Malawi utilize black covers. New Zealanders also have black cover passports.

If you need to renew your passport, the Real ID Act will be here in January 2018! Talk to us about renewing your U.S. passport today.

Just because you have a notary stamp on your documents doesn’t mean a foreign government will accept them as authentic for your travel visa, work visa or other reason.

That’s why sometimes you will need to have your documents stamped by an Apostille. We can authenticate your travel or work documents to meet the standards required.

The most common types of documents needing an Apostille are certificates of birth and death, marriage licenses, decrees of divorce. Other common types of documents are school transcripts and diplomas. Powers of attorney may also require an Apostille for validity outside the United States.

Find out more here about Apostilles in Houston and get a free quote