Traveling to the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) from the United States? You will need a travel visa. The good news is we can get your travel visa for you and let you concentrate on getting ready for your trip.

If you’re a business traveler – you will need the following :
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Tourists will need to use the following information to obtain their Ivory Coast visa:
Ivory Coast Visa - Texas Tower Fast Passport and Visa Call Now! (713) 874-1420.clipular

Your travel visa will be good for multiple entries and good for up to 12-months.

If you’re curious about some of the best sites to see off the beaten path (even if you’re there on a highly scheduled business trip – try to make time to see the country, it is stunning). Here is a brief video TravellingMatey made.

No matter if you’re traveling to Ghana, Russia, England, or staying within the continental U.S., knowing how to pack can make the difference in a number of things you can bring in even a single bag (for those of you who like to travel really light!).  This is particularly true if you are a traveler that enjoys hiking.

An excellent way to get to know an area is to hike through it.
Africa alone has a huge number of gorgeous hiking areas in Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya to name a few. There are numerous types of walking tours around the world, and hiking is best done with the least amount of necessary stuff in a single bag to keep things as light as possible.

Inside the U.S., the Appalachian Trail is a premier hiking destination for beginners as well as seasoned pros. You can get started in a local National Park or forest area. As far as gear, you don’t need a lot, but there are specialized items you need to make your hike more enjoyable. The North Face should have everything you need in one place.

How to Get Started
If you aren’t sure hiking is for you, try a short day trip first. Grab a hiking buddy and plan a few hours out on a trail together. Make it a goal to reconnect with nature. Even better, take a camera and record some sights to share. If you enjoyed your initial outing, then schedule a campout and see if sleeping under a starry sky and enjoying tent life is for you. There are all types of helpful items to make camping easy from easy firestarters for cooking to solar chargers for your phone and music that are lightweight and take up very little space in your bag. Whenever you’re considering adding an item to your gear, consider the weight and size and if it is really useful enough to rate the space.

Extra Places to Learn
Subscribe to blogs and check out tips on camping to make sure every hike you go on is equal parts safe and enjoyable. Learn from the pros and save yourself an unnecessary learning curve. The more you hike you more you learn the things you personally need for a great time. You’ll appreciate honing good packing skills around three hours into a hike when you realize you have everything you need, but you’re not carrying nearly the amount of weight your buddy is toting around.

Check out this infographic for some packing tips to make that hike easier whether in the U.S. or outside of it.Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Texas Tower

Should you keep your passport current- (1)

For a lot of people, if you tell them you’re traveling with an infant, you’ll either get a grimace or a look of complete sympathy. Nearly every frequent traveler has been serenaded by the screams of an unhappy baby on a flight. It can be stressful to try to calm a baby down during a long flight when their regular routine is disrupted. No matter how much you’ve traveled, traveling with a baby is a new challenge. There are a number of things new parents can do to make that flight go better for baby (and everyone else).

1. Plan
Make a checklist for the items you need for daily care for your baby. Keeping her routine the same as much as possible for feedings and diaper changes will go a long way towards having a calm, happy traveler. Get your paperwork together and yes, your newborn will need a passport, we can make this process easy!

2. Travel Light
There are several types of travel strollers that combine a collapsable stroller with a car seat to make it easy to take your baby from the stroller to the rental car or taxi. Many parents use a diaper bag as their carry on to keep baby’s gear near during the flight and then check the rest of their bags.

3. Consider a Bulkhead Seat
Another thing you can do is see if your airline has any bulkhead seats available. Additionally, some airlines have bassinets you can get to keep your baby as comfy as possible during the flight. If not invest in a soft travel bassinet. Most will collapse down to fit in your luggage when not in use, making them very convenient to take along.

4. Pack Extra Clothes for Yourself in the Diaper Bag
Babies are notorious for spewing when you least expect it, so expect it and bring another shirt for yourself at the very least. Never assume you made it through the flight without getting spit up on until you’re 100% off the plane.

5. Take-Off and Landings are Prime Feeding Times
The pressure change during flight can hurt your baby. One way to avoid dirty looks from travelers who aren’t’ very sympathetic to traveling with an infant is to feed your baby during take-off and landing. The movement of his jaw and sucking motions will help stop the pressure feeling from building up in your baby’s ears.

6. Invest in a Baby Carrier or Wrap
Baby wraps let you “wear your baby” and they are awesome for those times you need to pull luggage and carry a sleeping baby at the same time. Baby carriers work well too, however, they are a little more rigid.

7. Jetlag Happens
Keeping your baby on a schedule may be a real challenge when traveling internationally. Usually after a few days at your destination, your baby won’t be confusing the night with the day. But expect a few long days and nights until your baby gets into the groove of the new day/night hours.

Those are just seven tips for traveling with an infant. What’s your favorite way to keep your baby a calm, happy traveler?

India has so much to see and do in every part, we wanted to share a great article with you about 9 places in India, but first, let’s go over how to get there. United States citizens require both a passport and a travel visa for entry to the country for both business and tourism purposes.

India Travel Visa Expedited
Our company can take the hassle out of getting both your India visa and your passport for travel to India. Getting your Indian visa is an exacting process. The Indian Embassy reviews each application and it must meet stringent standards. Call our offices today to discuss your travel plans.

Where will you go?
Instead of the tourist traps, how about a few destinations off the beaten path?
Love tea? Love serene, beautiful hills? Check out Munnar.

Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City.
See why!

Cherrapunji is considered one of the wettest locations on our planet and it holds a phenomenal wonder, Nohkalikai Falls. This majestic site is surrounded by rich flora and holds a legend about a crazed woman who jumped off the edge of the falls. This is one of the tallest waterfalls in the country.


Panama is still considered a safe venue for tourists. The abundance of natural landscapes, tropical beaches, and historical places to visit, and the modern comforts found in many of the hotels make Panama a great destination.

Tourists need to exercise the same caution they would at any international venue and avoid areas that are known to have higher incidences of crime. Also, use the same wariness to safeguard valuables, travel documents, and cash from pickpockets and thieves when out sightseeing or shopping.
The condition of the roads will be your main concern in Panama. The roads are not usually well-maintained, and a recent statement by the U.S. Department of State regarding Panama mentioned there are still no traffic lights in use within the entire country.

Within the metropolitan areas, you can safely drink bottled or tap water. In rural areas, be aware the water can be contaminated. The CDC recommends being up-to-date on vaccinations and also get yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A and B vaccinations. Antimalaria drugs are also recommended as malaria is common in the rural areas.
Also, the CDC recommends using insect repellent to further lessen the chances of mosquito bites.

Looking for some fun things to do in Panama? Lonely Planet
has a great collection of user rated reviews for hotels, restaurants, and activities.

Although U.S. citizens visiting Panama do not need a visa to enter the country, make sure your passport is up to date and ready to get stamped! If you need to renew an expired passport, or get your first passport – we can help.

Two things you need to double check with your passport before you leave the U.S. First, make sure your passport has longer than six months before expiration. Second, make sure your passport isn’t damaged. Either one of those conditions will halt your travel.

Damage may include any of the following –

• A small child has applied artwork to the passport

  • Personal details are indecipherable (non-readable).

• The laminate has lifted enough to allow the possibility of photo substitution.

• Discoloration to the bio-data page.

• Chemical or ink spillage on (any page).

• Missing or detached pages

dog ate my passport
A dog ate this passport. Seriously.

You will not be able to travel in or out of a country if your passport is damaged. We created an easy-to-follow list of actions, complete with handy links, you need to do in order to get your passport re-issued.
Click to see larger version of the steps.
Replace Your Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport - Texas Tower 24 Hour Passport and Visa.clipular

Got a question about a damaged passport? Feel free to contact us. Either tag us in a photo on Facebook or contact us on Twitter @txtpassportvisa. And of course, you’re always welcome to contact our office at 713-874-1420. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one service we give each and every client.

Owe Taxes- IRS Can Revoke Your Passport
Americans that are more than $50,000 in debt to the IRS for overdue taxes could find themselves in a real pickle if they need to travel when the Real ID Act is fully implemented in 2020.

In 2015, Congress introduced a bill for highway funding that includes a provision to revoke the passport of any citizen of the United States who owes more than $50,000 in delinquent tax debt. The criteria to meet the level of delinquent tax debt includes the IRS filing a levy or lien against the overdue taxes and no repayment plan has been established. Now, it’s the law, the IRS can revoke passports.

Lawmakers feel this measure will be an incentive for individuals who owe back taxes to become current with their tax debt and they have until October 2020 to get their tax bills in order.

Another group this provision is expected to affect are Americans who live abroad who may have domestic tax bills in arrears. This will affect their passport status as well.


If you have any questions about how to get your passport or how to renew, talk to us. Call us at 713-874-1420 during business hours or message us on Facebook.

How to Determine Which Type of Travel Visa You NeedDepending the purpose of your travel to Venezuela, you will be able to choose from three different types of travel visas to fit each need. Texas Tower makes the process even faster by making the trip to the embassy for you.

Here’s what you need to know for each type of travel visa.
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Special information for travelers under 18-years of age.
Individuals under the age of eighteen do not have to make an appearance at the consulate in person. The parent or legal guardian of the child will be responsible for making the appearance at the consulate with the following documentation:

  • child or adolescent’s original passport, with a minimum of six (6) months of validity remaining as of the expected travel date and at least two blank pages.
  • A copy of the child or adolescent’s birth certificate.
  • One (1) recent front-facing photograph with a white background, size 2×2 inches (without glasses or hats).
  • The mother or father that is not presenting the documents in person must provide notarized written authorization in Spanish for the other parent.
  • In case one of the parents is deceased, the surviving parent must present the original or certified copy of the death certificate.
  • If one of the parents is divested of parental authority by the final sentence of a court, the parent with parental authority must present a copy of the sentence.

If you have any questions regarding your passport or travel to Venezuela, just ask us. Call our office at 713-874-1420 or email We’re ready to help you.

If you’re unsure which service you need, here is a fast answer for you.

Already have a passport? If you can answer “yes to all these questions, then you can renew – otherwise, you’ll probably have to reapply for a new passport.

Here is all you need to do to renew your passport:

If the above does not apply to your current situation. You might need to apply for a new passport instead of renewing. If you can answer “yes” to all these questions – you need a new passport.

Here is all you need to do to get your new passport, there are three basic steps:

Step 1 – Documents you will need Where to Get
Complete and print the passport application online at the Department of State. Do not sign. Department of State’s passport portal.
Make a copy of the unsigned DS-11 (passport form) This will be included with your Texas Tower order
Include 2 passport quality photos. We recommend that you have these pictures taken by a facility
familiar with passport photo requirements such as Walgreens, CVS, or Kinko’s
Proof of U.S. citizenship One of the following :
Original U.S. issued birth certificateOriginal U.S. Naturalization Document

An expired U.S. passport that was issued for 10 years

Authorization for Texas Tower to act on your behalf . . Please place one inside the sealed envelope and leave one out for us. Authorization letters
Step 2 Visit your local post office
You will need to take the above documents to an authorized Passport Agency Deputy (also known as a local United States Post Office.
Most require appointments and do not accept walk-ins.
You can find a complete list of agencies at
Passport Agency Deputy is required to charge an execution fee of $25.00 and should be paid separately from the Passport Agency fees. Execution fee $25
The Passport Agency Deputy will collect all of the above documents in step 1, witness you
signing your passport application and place into an envelope that will be sealed by the
Do not open this envelope once sealed as it will void your application.
Get your sealed envelope back from the Passport Agency Deputy Inform the clerk you will forward the sealed envelope to a service in Houston for processing.


Step 3 Almost done!
Make sure you have the following documents: Sealed envelope
Texas Tower order form
Copy of your DS-11 form you made in step 1
Authorization form
Mail to Texas Tower Texas Tower Passports & Visas
2020 Montrose Blvd. Suite 400
Houston, TX 77006
Phone (713) 874-1420

We can expedite either type of passport application as fast as 24-hours. If you’re unsure which service you need, just call our offices at (713) 874-1420 or email us at and one of our staff members will be happy to help you.


Ghana is a beautiful African country with a lot to see and do. Densely forested nature walks to gorgeous beaches – there’s a little something for everyone. The following are five fun ways to explore Ghana.

1. Go Shopping
There are numerous open air markets to shop at in Ghana. One of the best is the Kejetia Market in Kumasi. You can sample exotic foods, see arts and crafts, and browse vibrant displays of Kente cloth and Ashanti sandals. This is a great place to practice your bargaining skills with over 10,000 vendors. Want more of a “mall” experience? Accra has a large mall ready and waiting.

2. Experience Nature at Her Finest
Kakum National Park has lush forests and beautiful birds. Lake Bosumtwi is surrounded by picturesque mountains and usually isn’t too crowded.

3. Experience History
Ghana is filled with history. Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle stand as stark reminders of the horrors of the slave trade. These buildings were final destinations for captured Africans who became slaves in the New World. In the Asante Buildings, you can explore and learn the story of the Ashanti (Asante) Kings.

4. Go to the Beach
Bojo Beach in Accra is known for its breaking waves and beautiful views. Another great beach is Labadi Pleasure Beach also located in Accra.

5. Don’t Just Eat, Learn to Cook It
Anyone can go to another country and enjoy the food. At the Global Mamas Cultural Workshops in Cape Coast, Ghana, you can learn to cook Ghanaian cuisine. They also offer classes in dancing, drumming, batiking fabrics, and head wrapping.

When you’re ready to go, you’ll need a passport and visa, talk to us about expediting both and spend your free time planning your time in Ghana.