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18 Apr

3 Must-Have South Korean Street Foods

South Korea is a gem among East Asian nations with food renowned the world over as being addictively delicious, from the world-class barbecue to the crisp delight of fresh bibimbap. Here are 3 must-have Korean street food finds that you’re guaranteed to love during your stay:

Korean Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken is the new KFC. Also called yangnyeom tongdak, this fusion food delight takes the best of Korean War-era American and Korean cuisines and combines them into a crispy, mouthwatering experience. These spice-coated pieces of fried chicken are often served with spicy honey sauces, garlic, chili flakes, peanuts, and even sesame seeds. Bar-hoppers will find this to be the perfect pairing with a refreshing Korean beer.


Gimbap looks like sushi, but is quite different from its Japanese cousin. The first big difference is the seaweed wrapping. The rice and seaweed both are infused with perilla oil and garnished with spicy kimchi, and you can often find a flavorful glaze on the outside. Common gimbap fillings include pickled radish, meat, spinach, tofu, surimi, and egg, and can also have butter lettuce or fresh perilla rolled in to add a brighter flavor. These rolls are often served whole or in slices.


Spice lovers, rejoice: tteokbokki is a delicious way to get your gochujang fix. These chewy rice cakes are generally served with spicy gochujang, a sauce made with fermented soybeans and red chilies for an umami-packed, tongue-burning experience that will keep you coming back for more. These cakes used to be only for the royal courts, but are now enjoyed by anyone and everyone who wants a chewy, flavorful food sensation. While the cakes themselves are quite neutral in flavor, the sauces they come with are packed with flavor and make them a joy to eat. Fancier versions of tteokbokki come with fish cake slices, hard-boiled egg, or even Korean noodles.

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