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17 Aug

5 Fun Things to Do in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful African country with a lot to see and do. Densely forested nature walks to gorgeous beaches – there’s a little something for everyone. The following are five fun ways to explore Ghana.

1. Go Shopping
There are numerous open air markets to shop at in Ghana. One of the best is the Kejetia Market in Kumasi. You can sample exotic foods, see arts and crafts, and browse vibrant displays of Kente cloth and Ashanti sandals. This is a great place to practice your bargaining skills with over 10,000 vendors. Want more of a “mall” experience? Accra has a large mall ready and waiting.

2. Experience Nature at Her Finest
Kakum National Park has lush forests and beautiful birds. Lake Bosumtwi is surrounded by picturesque mountains and usually isn’t too crowded.

3. Experience History
Ghana is filled with history. Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle stand as stark reminders of the horrors of the slave trade. These buildings were final destinations for captured Africans who became slaves in the New World. In the Asante Buildings, you can explore and learn the story of the Ashanti (Asante) Kings.

4. Go to the Beach
Bojo Beach in Accra is known for its breaking waves and beautiful views. Another great beach is Labadi Pleasure Beach also located in Accra.

5. Don’t Just Eat, Learn to Cook It
Anyone can go to another country and enjoy the food. At the Global Mamas Cultural Workshops in Cape Coast, Ghana, you can learn to cook Ghanaian cuisine. They also offer classes in dancing, drumming, batiking fabrics, and head wrapping.

When you’re ready to go, you’ll need a passport and visa, talk to us about expediting both and spend your free time planning your time in Ghana.

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