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25 Sep

5 Fun Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

5 (1)What international destination is exotic, budget-friendly, and only 90 miles away from the U.S. coast? If you answered Havana, Cuba – you’re absolutely correct.

1. Explore Old Havana on Foot
The charming, old cobblestone streets of Old Havana are like taking a trip back in time. They are best explored on foot. Take your most comfortable shoes and plan on at least a full afternoon to see the stores and architecture. Street vendors abound with snacks to eat on the go.

2. There’s Always a Show to See
Love live music? Love art and dance? You’re in the right place! The Buena Vista Social Club is a must-see. Another great place to take in entertainment and drinks for under $50 is Cafe Taberna. Of course no visit to Havana would be complete without hitting up the famous Tropicana.

3. FAC – Fabrica de Arte Cubano (Cuban Art Factory)
This is a newer site to see in Havana but it’s a fantastic venue. This is a very unique walking art gallery that has not only visual art, but also multi-media performances as well as live music, film, and dance. When you get there, you will be given a “passport” and use it to purchase drinks and edibles. Then when you’re ready to leave, your FAC Passport will be your exit pass to leave the Art Factory and you settle up your bill for the evening of fun.

4. Brewery at the Port of Havana
Love craft beers? You’ll find some delightful brews here. There are also souvenir shops to scoop up deals on everything from t-shirts to hats and more.

5. Walk the Malecón, the World’s Largest Sofa
Along the ocean boulevard, is the Malecón. This is where locals gather to fish, sip rum, listen to music and otherwise socialize. There are also vendors with snacks. This area is usually crowded but safe for tourists, day or night.

Cuba has not been open for tourism from the United States for very long, if you want to experience Cuba as it’s building it’s tourism industry, now is the time to go. After you make your travel plans, talk to us about getting your passport and visa.

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