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11 Apr

5 Tips for Your Destination Wedding in Italy

When you plan your wedding, especially a destination wedding, it is vital to take several things into account to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Here are some tips for planning your destination wedding in romantic, beautiful Italy:

Visit your destination at least once before the wedding, if possible.

If you have the means and the time, it is highly recommended that you visit your wedding destination first. Not only does this let you personally get a feel for the venue, but you can meet potential local vendors and your wedding planner, as well as taste potential food and cakes to make sure everything is just right for your ceremony.

Research local marriage laws.

When you have your wedding in Italy, the only legally valid marriages must be held in a church or municipal building. If you plan to get legally married, make sure you read up on the rules and regulations during the planning stage.

Get a clear idea of what your guest list will look like.

As with any wedding, a destination wedding requires you to plan out your guest list. However, accommodation becomes more complicated, so make sure your list is as thorough as possible in including people who can reach your destination. Be sure to allow for some leeway if a few of your guests end up not being able to make their flights.

When planning, develop a clear concept of what you want.

When planning your destination wedding, it is vital to know what you want in terms of design, location, and decor. Not only does this help planners secure the things you want for your ceremony, but it helps you perfect the image you have of your dream wedding. Pinterest, wedding blogs, Instagram, and many other sites are resources that can help inspire you.

Always do your research.

Keep in mind local weather for your wedding and current events, as well as exchange rates, when traveling abroad, including to Italy. This allows for flawless planning and maximizes safety. No one wants to get caught in the rain or in a bad traffic jam on their wedding day, after all!

When you’re getting ready to travel for your destination wedding, you’re going to need a valid passport and Italy visa. We can help with that. Give Texas Tower Houston a call today at 713-874-1420 for more information on our passport and visa services.

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