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19 Aug

5 Top Travel Sites for Hungary

U.S. citizens don’t require a travel visa for entry to Hungary, you just need a valid passport, something we can definitely help you with. If history, architecture, great food, and basking in thermal springs are among the things you enjoy on a vacation, Hungary is a destination you should consider!

Here are 5 of the most detailed overviews for Hungarian travel, certain portals are powered by user-based reviews so you can dig deep and see if that hotel is really where you want to stay or maybe explore the world of AirBnB for a room.

Lonely Planet has a great overview of Hungary. Complete with hotels, things to do, and essential information for travels. They also have a  section titled Collections, on the right hand side of the page – explore it – lots to see there.

Rough Guides is another site that offers detailed views of the country. Including a description of the famous Hungarian bull’s blood wine. You’re on vacation, try it. Another article there gives an overview of a tourist attraction we haven’t heard of outside of Hungary. Escape rooms are rooms people pay to get locked up in and attempt to escape from.

Wikitravel has a detailed overview of Hungary. With tips on how to get around, where to eat, where to stay, and more. You can find small details that aren’t covered elsewhere. is a travel portal, you can book a hotel and also see what’s happening around Hungary. This is also a good site to find tours and other adventures to go on during your time in Hungary. Other cities besides Budapest are accessible.

And we saved the best for last. Budapest by Locals is a really cool site where, you guessed it, locals give tips on places to eat, places to go, and things to do that are not the normal tourist traps. If you enjoy doing your vacations a little off the beaten path and enjoying a country more like a local, this is the site for you.

That’s just 5 great places we like to look at travel and tourism information on. If you have a favorite site for Hungary tourism or a travel blog of your own that features Hungary – leave it in the comments!


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