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28 Apr

Bizarre Food’s Top 10 Best Places to Get Food When Traveling and Avoid Surströmming


Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel’s globe-trotting culinary show “Bizarre Foods” recently made a list of his top ten best foods from around the world.

Chile– Zimmern stated Santiago is the place to go if you want to experience the freshest seafood, beef, and smoothly aged wines.

Spain – Barcelona is undergoing a culinary evolution and some of the most cutting-edge cooking advances are happening there.

United States– Los Angeles is one of Zimmern’s fave places to seek out diverse cuisine from Korean to an all-American steak dinner.

Italy – When visiting Italy, Zimmern recommends seeking out Sicily for their unique Italian meals with influences from the Normans, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Spanish, and French.

Mexico – Zimmern called Mexico City one of the most diverse places to eat.

France – We couldn’t leave Paris out of this list. Zimmern stated the chefs there raise food to an art form through careful choices of top quality ingredients and classic preparations.

Thailand-Zimmern praised Bangkok’s street food and said few meals had come close to the excellent food he had at the Khlong Toey market.

China– The night markets in Beijing are the places to find the best street eats, with Donghuamen being the best of the best according to Zimmern.

Japan – Zimmern praised the elegant fine dining in Tokyo, but added the cheap noodle shops are not to be discounted as a place to grab a great meal.

Last but not least, one of Zimmern’s best-loved places to find a great meal? New York City. He especially loves the mobile food culture that is available there.

Now you know where Andrew has found the best food, what about the worst food encounters on his adventures with “Bizarre Foods”? No one that saw the South Korea adventure will forget his encounter with their fermented foods that went a little beyond Kim Chee.  Another food he tried in Sweden, is a favorite food named Surströmming. It’s Baltic Sea herring that is fermented and is considered one of the worst smelling foods on Earth.

Here is a video of the crew from Buzz Feed trying Surströmming

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