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how-to-get-a-zimbabwe-visaTraveling to Zimbabwe doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you need to get a valid tourist or business travel visa, Texas Tower has a local Houston office that can handle the visit to the consulate for you and save you a trip.

Just gather the documents we need in the list below, and we’ll do the rest. If you need your visa expedited, we can rush the process for you too.

Please note, we can only process travel visa for “B” class travelers. If you hold a “C” class passport, you will need the following information:
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The information Texas Tower will need to process your business or tourist visa is as follows:
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A few things to know while traveling in Zimbabwe. While the government in Zimbabwe is relatively stable, U.S. travelers are advised to steer clear from protests and other gatherings that could potentially be disbursed by the government. An ethnically diverse country of roughly 13 million people, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, with English, Shona, and Ndebele the most commonly used.

There is no official currency. Traveler’s checks may be difficult to use. Most hotels and vendors will accept U.S. currency. A yellow fever vaccination is only required if you are entering the country via a country where there is a known outbreak.

Towers of Great Zimbabwe
Towers of Great Zimbabwe

To get a taste of what you can see in Zimbabwe here is a sample

If you have any questions regarding getting your travel visa to Zimbabwe or you need help with a passport issue, just ask Texas Tower at 713-874-1420.

how-to-get-your-sao-tome-and-principe-visaSao Tome and Principe are two islands that make up the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe. This Portuguese-speaking country is a beautiful destination. Travelers that are United States citizens will need a travel visa to enter the country.

Here is how easy getting a travel visa though Texas Tower in Houston can make the process.

Simply gather the requested documents for the type of visa you need (business purposes or tourism) and then send them to Texas Tower. We will have your travel visa in your hands and we can even expedite the acquisition of your visa to arrive in 1-2 working days if you need it on a rush basis.

If you have any questions about the process of getting your travel visa, our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you. You will also need to check your passport and make sure it meets the requirements of travel.

In the event you need documents translated to or from any language, we offer that service too! Contact our offices if you have any questions and we’ll be glad to get you started on your Sao Tome & Principe visa.

Here’s a video overview of what to see in Sao Tome & Principe:

Brazil is a frequent travel visa expediting request we process in our Houston office. The embassy has exacting requirements to issue this visa, and when you outsource the task to us, we make the trip to the embassy for you. Carnival is in early March this year and is a particularly busy travel season and we suggest you get your travel documents as soon as feasible for your trip.

Here are some of the most common questions people ask before they obtain their Brazil travel visa.

How does a Brazilian visa work?
Your visa is your permission from the government of Brazil for entry.

What is the difference between a business and a tourist Brazil visa?
The type of travel visa you’re issued will depend on the nature of your visit to Brazil.

Are Tourist level visa holders prohibited from any business activity in Brazil?
Yes, tourist visa holders are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Brazil.

How fast can I get a Brazilian visa?
Talk to us about the time constraints on your visa, and we will do our best to accommodate you. In most instances, we can obtain your visa as fast as you need it.

This video will give you a fast overview of how easy outsourcing the task to Texas Tower can make the process. You just gather the paperwork and we’ll do the rest. Plan your trip, wrap things up, and don’t stress about your visa or passport! Call us at 713-874-1420 if you have any questions.

Traveling to India soon? If you’re a U.S. citizen, you’re going to need a valid passport and travel visa, and there’s one more thing you’re going to need, your paperwork will need an Apostille before it can be submitted to the embassy for approval.

An Apostille is a one-page certificate issued by authorities at the state or Federal level validating the seal and signature of the official on the document.

There are exacting standards for Indian visas and we can help you get yours fast.  Our local office here in Houstin can process Indian visas for both tourism and business travel.

The way the process works is simple. You will need to fill out the visa application and then collect the other necessary documents. The bring in or send to our office and we take it from there.
We make the trip to the embassy for you.

If you have any questions, call us at 713-874-1420 for fast help! Get started here at our India Visa page on Texas Tower.

Did you know Ghana was voted the most peaceful African nation to visit?

Ghana is fast becoming popular, also a hot venue for destination weddings. Steeped in history and rich with culture, it’s a great place to toss aside the formalities of being a tourist, and become a cultural tourist. That means you become a local for a couple of weeks.  Here are some of the most common questions and answers for travel to Ghana.

How long may I stay in Ghana on a travel visa?
The current maximum stay is 30 days.

I don’t understand which what it means by type of travel visa to Ghana.
There are two types of travel visas for entry to the country. Whichever visa you choose depends on the reason for your visit. You will need to either choose a business class visa or a tourist visa.

What days can Texas Tower process my Ghana visa?
We can process your Ghana application for a travel visa Monday through Thursday. The embassy is closed on Friday.

Is the application for a Ghana visa available online.
Yes, you can access it through Texas Tower here.

Do I need to provide a passport photo with my application?
Yes, you will need to provide two passport photos with your Ghana visa request.

Will I need a blank visa page for my Ghana trip?
Yes, Ghana requires that you have one blank visa page available. Talk to us if you need additional pages, as you will now need to renew your passport.

Are there any additional elements someone who does not hold a U.S. passport needs to provide for the Ghana visa request?
Non-USA passport holders must provide a copy of green card or US Visa and I-94

Will I need to include a copy of the airline schedule for my trip to Ghana?
Yes, you will need to include one copy of flight itinerary for both business and tourist travel visas.

For business trips, is a host required?
Yes, you will need to submit proof of an invitation from a host in Ghana.
A company letter on your company letterhead is also required. If you need help, we can assist you here with drafting your business letter.

Are any vaccinations required for travel to Ghana?
Yes, currently you are required to be immunized against yellow fever and cholera.

Where’s a great place to get a steak in Ghana?
We reviewed four restaurants in Accra, one of which provides Nebraska-fed beef!

If you have any other questions – just ask us! You can contact our offices at 713-874-1420 ask us on Facebook .

If you are  US citizen traveling to Equatorial Guinea, you will need a visa for entry. Our Houston location can process your paperwork and expedite the process.

This is a country that requires a visa for entry for either tourism or travelers on business. Interesting enough, this sovereign African state is the only one on the continent that recognizes Spanish as an official state language.

The maximum stay for a visa is 90 days and the embassy will not issue one upon arrival.

This country will require yellow fever vaccinations for entry. Your doctor can provide the necessary proof after you obtain your vaccination. Hepatitis A vaccinations are not required but often suggested as it can be contracted through contaminated water or foods. Polio vaccinations are currently recommended for up to one year before travel. You can see the latest travel warnings and recommendations for Equatorial Guinea, check with the U.S. Department of State’s page on the country.

To get started on your obtaining your Equatorial Guinea travel visa, just click here.


We process all types of passport requests here at Texas Tower. Renewing passports that have expired, helping people get their name changes done due to marriage, divorce, or other life changes are all situations we process here in our Houston location. And one of the most common types of questions we address on a daily basis has to do with passports for children.

Here are some of the most common questions we get.

What are the requirements for a child’s passport?
The child must be from newborn to age 15.

Is it true newborns need a passport?
Yes. Even newborns need a passport in their own name.

What is the soonest departure date for a child’s passport?
Your departure date should be at least 3 days from the day you apply for a child’s passport.

What type of passport would a 16-year old need to apply for?
An individual age 16 and above will need to apply for an adult passport.

How fast can Texas Tower obtain a child’s passport?
Standard time service is 8-12 days and we can expedite the passport to receive in 24-hours.

How will I show proof of identity?
A certified birth certificate will be necessary. If you need one, our office can assist you in obtaining it from anywhere in the United States or Puerto Rico.

Will passport photos be necessary?
Yes you will need two passport-type photos. If you aren’t sure where to get them made, talk to us – we can assist you.

We want to help make travel with your kids as easy as possible, if you need passports for visas for young travelers – call us today 713-874-1420 or write us at and one of our trained staff will be happy to assist you.

In Houston and planning a trip DownUnder? U.S. citizens need both a valid passport and visa for business and tourism visits to Australia.

Many countries are making e-Visas available and Australia is no exception. We provide 24-hour service for U.S. citizens.

You will need to complete the Texas Tower order form .
We will also require a scanned copy of your passport information page. The passport should have at least 6-months left before the expiration date.
The total cost of this ETA visa is $75 which includes our service.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to apply for a traditional travel visa. The time frame for delivery is an average of 4 weeks for processing at the embassy. Expedited service is not available for traditional visas.

If you have any questions about obtaining your travel visa to Australia, just ask us at 713-874-1420 or email:  Our staff will be glad to answer any questions you have.


Carnival is coming! March 1st through March 6th, 2019.
If you’re a US citizen planning to attend, you’re going to need a visa for entry to Brazil and a valid US passport.

Our Houston-based office can do both tasks for you, leaving you more time to plan your visit to Brazil!

We have a dedicated visa page for Brazil that outlines the process for expediting any type of travel visa to the country.

The process is simple, we have a handy checklist of items, including the application for a Brazil visa to fill out and when you have the paperwork, just drop off at our office in Houston and we’ll do the rest, including going to the embassy for you.

If your US passport is within six months of expiring, you’re going to need to renew – we can expedite that process for you too!

Our experienced, knowledgable staff is ready to assist you in getting to Brazil for Carnival. Book your trip and then see us about getting your visa and US passport fast. Call us at 713-874-1420 to get started or visit Brazil Visa.

angola visa requirementsAngola is a rapidly developing country. If you want to visit an African country that is in its infancy of turning around years of war and strife, this is your destination.  Development was severely restricted by a 13-year war for independence and a 27-year civil war that broke out upon independence in 1975 and destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure. The economy has grangolaown at a double-digit annual rate since the war ended in 2002

What is the capital city?

The capital city is Luanda.

What is the official language?
Portuguese is the official language used.

Can you get a travel visa upon arrival in Angola?
No. U.S. citizens traveling to Angola will find the process for getting a travel visa is a little different than obtaining travel papers for other countries.

How long is a travel visa to Angola valid for?
You can get a tourist visa for 30, 90, or 180 days. You may also require a visa for transit through Angola to another destination.

Are any vaccinations required?
Currently, you will need to have an International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever to enter the country.

Let us help you get your Angola travel visa in the easiest way possible. We have a handy instruction sheet available for you to use.

Contact our staff today and let us know your travel plans so we can walk you through the process. We will also make sure that your passport meets the requirements for entry to Angola so you can travel worry-free.