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10 May

Did You Know China Updated Their Visa Photo Requirements?

In December 2016, the Chinese Consulate updated the requirements for the photograph that accompanies your visa application. Here is a brief overview of the changes:

The template given for photos shows the photograph needs to between 354 pixels wide and 420 pixels in height or 420 pixels wide to 520 pixels height.

The photos should be photographed using RGB 24-bit TrueColor. 

The image type should be saved as a JPG. Additionally, the file should be compressed and size should be between 40-kb to 120-kb.

Facial Requirements: 
– The Visa applicant should be facing forward with entire face fully visible.
– The expression should be neutral with mouth closed, eyes open, and ears visible.
– There should not be any object or other person in the photograph.
– Glasses may be worn if they are not tinted, do not obstruct the eyes and do not have any glare on the lenses in the photograph.
– Head coverings only may be worn for religious reasons and the covering must not obstruct the face in any way.
– The background of the photograph should be white or close to white with no borders.
– The photo much be taken in the last 6 months.

Don’t want to hassle with the paperwork or a trip to the embassy? Outsource the task to us. Just fill out your paperwork and we’ll do the rest for you. Get started on our dedicated China Visa page here at Texas Tower and if you have any questions, just ask – we’re here to help you.

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