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11 Aug

Stinking Seaweed Sinking Travel to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a fun destination for tourists, except for the piles of seaweed that are washing on shore currently.

If you’re planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, might want to reconsider a beachside visit and go more inland. The seaweed has been washing ashore yearly since 2011, but never in these large amounts. The rotten seaweed is extremely pungent according to Brian Lapointe, who is an expert on sargassum seaweed at Florida Atlantic University.

The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination with United States citizens as no travel visa is required for entry and only a single blank passport page on a current passport is all that is required for entry.

Looking for some fun things to do in the Dominican Republic that may not include some stinky seaweed? Trip Advisor has a large number of venues reviewed by users. From waterfalls to eco-tours to historical sites. There are a lot of activities to take in. See the top 10 tourist activities for the Dominican Republic here.

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