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14 Sep

Do You Need a Visa and Apostille for Hong Kong?

Beautiful, busy Hong Kong is a great place to dive in for a vacation getaway. U.S. citizens don’t usually need a travel visa for entry, but you will need a valid passport and you may need an Apostille on documents submitted. We can assist you if you aren’t sure.

Here are some fast and easy tips for getting the most from a Hong Kong visit.

You Won’t Get Your Passport Stamped
United States citizens don’t require a travel visa and since 2013, you will get a stapled piece of paper with your travel itinerary.

Hit Up Public Transportation When Possible
Renting a ride or taxi can get expensive in traffic and Hong Kong has a pretty reliable public transportation system that will save you money getting around. Especially to and from the airport. If you spring for an Octopus Card, you will be set to ride ferries, buses, and trains.

Be Adventurous Eating
Hong Kong has some of the best street food you’ll find. Try some Black Sesame Tong Yuen for breakfast if you don’t try any other foods in HK. It’s a delicious rice ball filled with sweet black sesame or red bean paste and covered in nuts. A great way to get your energy fix for the day.

Find Victoria Harbour at Night
The area will light up after dark with a laser show across the water synced to music.

Those are just a few tips to make your time in Hong Kong more fun. Make sure your passport is valid and start planning your time in HK.

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