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26 Nov

Here’s Your #MondayMotivation for International and Domestic Holiday Travel

2f116ca0-5ea4-0133-ec98-0aa00699013dStarting with Thanksgiving week, the holiday season is a huge travel time in the United States whether you’re going in or out of the country. You’re going to encounter a huge number of fellow travelers on their way to holiday gatherings. This can mean delays, overbooked flights, and long lines in security checkpoints. Did we mention long lines? Fortunately, there are things you can do to stay on your schedule.

1.  Make sure your paperwork is spot-on, ready to go
This means making sure your passport is not expired, not within 6 months of expiring if you’re going to a country that has that requirement for entry, and you should have a few blank pages.
If you cannot answer, “Yes” to all these requirements, talk to us, we can expedite your passport renewal for you.

2. Avoid Wednesday before Thanksgiving travel if possible
Remember this for next year. This is the biggest travel day of the year and the delays and overbooking are legendary. Unless you really enjoy being around waiting, frustrated people, it’s a good idea to avoid airports that day if possible. Fly on Thanksgiving Thursday if you can.

3. Leave early or late
If you can, bump your flight until Thanksgiving Day in the early morning or late at night. Ditto with Christmas. The airports will have far fewer travelers than the day before. Getting through security and boarding will be a breeze.

4. Bring a power strip
If you haven’t already invested in one, get a power strip. You know how territorial some people get about the plugs. Good luck finding one this week. Bring your own to keep your devices charged and avoid getting stink-eye from a fellow traveler.

5. Get through TSA checks like a rockstar
The TSA offers a service called “Pre-Check Service.” Basically, it allows you to skip the lines, don’t have to remove your shoes, and you don’t have to remove liquids or your laptop from your carry on. Best of all, you get through the lines faster.

No matter where you’re going this holiday season, get there easier using these tips and if you know someone that is planning to travel, share this post with them.
Have safe travels.

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