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04 Oct

How to Get a Vietnam Business Travel Visa

Planning a trip to Vietnam? The travel visa to Vietnam is good for a maximum stay of 30 days and may not be obtained upon your arrival in Vietnam. You need to have it before you travel to the country.

Business travelers are required to have a business visa for entry into Vietnam.
Here is all you need to do to get yours:

  • Fill out the Vietnam visa application that is signed online and printed
  • One passport-type photograph
  • Current passport with six months of validity beyond the date of trip completion
  • One copy of the flight itinerary
  • Company business letter
  • Texas Tower order form

If you want to make the process of getting your travel visa to Vietnam a breeze, let us get it for you. Just fill out the paperwork for the type of travel visa you need and get the packet to us, and we will do the legwork for you.

Curious about what to do and see in Vietnam?

If you have any questions about getting your Vietnam visa or any questions regarding your passport, just contact our office at 713-874-1420. We are ready to assist you.

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