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07 Oct

How to Get Your Chad Travel Visa in Houston

Chad is a landlocked country in the middle of Africa. It has been working on building up its tourism industry, but amenities for travelers and luxury accommodations are not the norm for many places in this country. There are however beautiful destinations within Chad to explore.

Our Houston office can expedite your travel visa for a journey to Chad. The maximum stay for a U.S. citizen on a Chad visa is 30 days. Visas may not be obtained on arrival and normal processing time for Chad visas runs anywhere from two to seven days.

Three completed Chad visa applications
Three passport type photos
One copy of proof of vaccination for yellow fever
Physical passport with 6 months validity beyond trip completion and one blank visa page
One copy of flight itinerary
A letter of invitation from Chad
Texas Tower Order Form

Business Visas Only:
Company business letter – Generate one now and print on your company letterhead.

Outsourcing the task of obtaining your travel visa to Chad gives you time to plan your trip and let us put together the paperwork and make the trip to the embassy for you. If you have any questions, our experienced Houston staff is happy to help you. Get started on your Chad visa here.

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