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23 Sep

How to Get Your Cuba Travel Visa

Yes, U.S. citizens can still travel to Cuba.
We can process and expedite visas for both business and tourism purposes.

Here’s what you need to obtain a Business Visa for Cuba:
One completed Cuba Visa Application
One passport-type photo and your physical passport will also need to be submitted with your application.

Make sure your expiration date is six months beyond the completion of your trip to Cuba.  You will also need to have two blank pages available for entry and exit from Cuba.

You’ll need to provide a copy of your flight itinerary and a recent bank statement.

You will also need a company business letter detailing the nature of your business-related trip. If you need help with this – we’re here for you! Generate one now and print on your company letterhead.  

Additionally, you will need to provide a letter of invitation from your host company in Cuba. 

Tourist travel visas for Cuba have fewer requirements. You will need to submit a one completed Cuba Visa Application

You will need to submit a passport-type photo along with your physical passport with two blank visa pages. Tourists will also need to submit their most recent bank statement and a copy of their flight itinerary.

To get started you can go here to our dedicated Cuba Travel Visa page.



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