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25 Oct

How to Get Your Sri-Lanka e-Visa in Houston

Traveling to Sri-Lanka using an e-Visa is a convenient way to get your travel documents. We put together some of the most common questions travelers ask to make the process even faster for you.

What types of visits are eligible?
To be eligible for an E-Visa for Sri Lanka, the purpose of the visit should be either tourism or business.
Download requirements for a Sri Lanka e-Visa

Will I need to submit a copy of my passport?
Yes, both tourist and business-class travelers will need to submit a scanned, signed color copy of their passport information page.

Is there a specific e-visa application for a Sri-Lanka e-visa I need to fill out? 
Yes, you will need to submit a visa application form for an e-visa for entry to Sri Lanka.

Does the application require a photo?
Yes, you will need to submit one (1) recent 
color passport size photo.

Do business travelers need to submit a copy of airline tickets or travel itinerary showing confirmed reservations?
Both tourist and business travelers will need a copy of their airline tickets or itinerary and a copy of their hotel confirmation.

Are there any extra-documentation requirements for people who do not hold a US passport?
Yes, if this status applies to your situation, you will need to submit a color copy of your current US status as a non-US passport holder.

Will I need to submit any additional i.d.?
Both business and tourist-class travelers will need to submit a clear copy of their valid driver’s license or state-issued i.d.

Will a letter be needed for a business trip to Sri Lanka?
 An invitation from the inviting company with their company seal on the invitation,  a scanned copy of a business card, and a business letter from the company located in the United States is required.

What is the process for applying for a Sri Lanka e-Visa?
We streamlined the process for you.

  • Gather the requirements listed above.
  • Fill out the form below.
  • Scan all items and save to a PDF File and email it to

What is the current cost for applying for a Sri Lanka e-Visa?
Always check our dedicated Sri Lanka e-Visa page for the latest pricing but at the time of this writing the rates were:
Tourist Double Entry: $170.00
Business Single Entry: $295.00

If you have any questions about obtaining your Sri Lanka e-Visa, please email us at or call 713-874-1420

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