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10 Jun

How to Outsource Your Company Travel and Save a Ton of Time and Money

outsourcingNo matter if you have a fresh new startup or you have a long time established business, you can benefit from outsourcing your travel.

We are based in Houston, Texas, but can handle any passport, visa, birth certificate acquisition, or document service nationwide.

Passport services
Employees traveling to see clients, overseas offices, or for conferences will need passports. Instead of paying someone internally to process the paperwork, we will handle your passport renewals, or replace the passport of your employees as needed. Got an employee who has never had a passport before? No problem. We can also obtain new passports.

Visa services
You haven’t seen a long line until you stood in line at the State Department for a travel visa. Many countries require a travel visa for entry. We will process the paperwork and make any necessary trips to the embassy or consulate for your employee. The travel visa will be ready when they are.

Document translation services
Many countries require certain documents translated as part of the visa issue process. If you need travel documents translated, we can provide that service as required, to or from any language. Additionally, we can certify any documents necessary.

Birth Certificate services
Need a certified copy of a birth certificate? We can obtain one from all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Apostille services
Not all countries require this, but if your employee will be visiting a country that requires apostille documentation, we can assist you in that too.

International driver’s license
If public transportation is unreliable in the country your employee is visiting, consider getting an International Driving Permit for them. No driving test is required, and the employee will be valid to operate any vehicle.

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