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01 Apr

Lost a US Passport in Mexico? Here’s What You Can Do

Anyone who’s traveled abroad or is about to travel abroad knows it’s vital to keep your passport safe and intact to ensure safe, legal passage to and from any country you visit. That said, life happens: you forget a bag somewhere, you accidentally drop something without knowing. If this happens to you and it leaves you without a passport, it can leave you incredibly stressed, especially if you’re planning on heading back to the US soon. Whether you plan to travel this summer for business or pleasure, here’s what you can do if you end up with a lost US passport in Mexico.

If you have immediate travel plans, you can go to your local US embassy and ask to be issued an emergency passport. This is specifically for travelers who have imminent travel planned and can’t wait to receive a regular passport before they travel back to their country of origin. In order to obtain an emergency passport, you will need to apply in person at a US embassy, consulate, or consular agency. Here are documents that will be required in order to apply:

  • You will need to make sure to bring forms that are filled out, but not signed. You will need to list a local Mexico address as your place of residence, even if you are staying temporarily at a location such as a hotel.
  • Form DS-64, completed but not yet signed if you are replacing a lost US passport and have not yet reported it online as such.
  • One US passport-style photo. Don’t use Mexican passport-sized photos, as they do not meet the same requirements at US passport photos.
  • You will need proof of identity, such as a government-issued photo ID. This record can be found electronically by a consular officer if you have previously been issued a US passport.
  • Proof of US citizenship, such as a US birth certificate or prior US passport, is also required. This can also be found electronically if you have previously been issued a passport.
  • You will also need cash or a credit card to pay the required fees for replacing your passport.

If something happens that leaves you without a passport abroad, you have options for receiving a new passport quickly. Call Texas Tower Houston at 713-874-1420 today and let us know how we can help you with a lost US passport in Mexico.

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