New Passport for Adults

Due to Covid-19 requirements, fees and processing time may be subject to change without any notice.
Please give our office a call for up-to-date requirements, fees, and processing times.

There are 3 main steps to getting a new passport. 
First make sure you meet the requirements for applying.




Step 1 - Documents you will needWhere to Get
Complete and print the passport application online at the Department of State. Do not sign.Department of State's passport portal.
Make a copy of the unsigned DS-11 (passport form) This will be included with your Texas Tower order
Include 2 passport quality photos. We recommend that you have these pictures taken by a facility
familiar with passport photo requirements such as Walgreens, CVS, or Kinko's
Copy of Flight Itinerary To qualify for expedited service, your flight needs to be scheduled within 3 to 4 weeks.
Proof of U.S. citizenshipOne of the following :
Original U.S. issued birth certificate

Original U.S. Naturalization Document

An expired U.S. passport that was issued for 10 years
Authorization for Texas Tower to act on your behalf . . Please place one inside the sealed envelope and leave one out for us.Authorization letters
Step 2Visit your local post office
You will need to take the above documents to an authorized Passport Agency Deputy (also known as a local United States Post Office.
Most require appointments and do not accept walk-ins.
You can find a complete list of agencies at
Passport Agency Deputy is required to charge an execution fee of $25.00 and should be paid separately from the Passport Agency fees.Execution fee $35
The Passport Agency Deputy will collect all of the above documents in step 1, witness you
signing your passport application and place into an envelope that will be sealed by the
Do not open this envelope once sealed as it will void your application.
Get your sealed envelope back from the Passport Agency DeputyInform the clerk you will forward the sealed envelope to a service in Houston for processing.
Step 3 Almost done!
Make sure you have the following documents:-Sealed envelope
-Texas Tower order form
-Copy of your DS-11 form you made in step 1
-Authorization form
Mail to Texas TowerTexas Tower Passports & Visas
2020 Montrose Blvd. Suite 400
Houston, TX 77006
Phone (713) 874-1420

Need to print these instructions?
Here is our handy 3 Step Guide.



0 Same Day Processing: $225.00 (You must send your package by FedEx 1st Overnight with Signature Release.)
2-3 Passport Processing: $158.00
5-10 Passport Processing: $89.00