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15 Jun

Passport Renewal Warning : Lines are Long, Here’s How to Get Around That

Passport Renewal Warning - Lines are Long, Here's How to Get Around ThatThe Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was implemented in 2007, so its 10th birthday is fast approaching. If you were among the many millions of people that got a passport, it’s expiring!

The Passport Bureau of Consular Affairs stated they are estimating they will processing 17 million applications this year and that number will increase to 20 million applications in 2017. What does 3 million additional passport applications mean? Longer wait for you unless you expedite your passport.

We have noticed longer lines for passports happening already and the current estimated time if you go through regular channels for your passport is 7 weeks. If you want your passport faster, here is how to do it in six fast steps.

Make sure you meet the following requirements:
– your passport is undamaged
– you were 16 years of age or older when your passport was issued
– your passport was issued in the past 15 years

1. Complete the Department of State’s application online here.
2. Take two passport-type photos. You can get them made at any CVS or Walgreens, or take them yourself, just follow the requirements carefully.
3. Sign the authorization letter for Texas Tower to act on your behalf.
4. Include your current passport (it will be returned to you with your new passport).
5. Need your passport fast? Like within 24-hours fast? Include your flight itinerary or a rush request letter. Here is a sample rush request letter.
6. Fill out and include your Texas Tower order form.

Gather all this information up, include your payment and send to us. You will have your passport renewal done, and we’ll handle the lines so you don’t have to.  Get started renewing your passport here.

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