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10 Oct

Q&A About Liberia Travel Visas

Liberia is a beautiful coastal country.  The following are some of the most common questions asked about traveling to Liberia.

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What types of travel visas are necessary for United States citizens traveling to Liberia?
Visas for either tourism and business-type travel are required to enter the country.

Where can I find out the latest travel warnings for Liberia?
The best place to find up-to-date information regarding any travel warnings issued for Liberia is the U.S. Department of State located here.

What documents do I need to provide to Texas Tower to get a Liberian travel visa?

You will need the following documents :
One completed Liberia visa application
Two Passport Type Photos
One copy proof of vaccination for yellow fever
Physical passport with more than 6 months validity plus one blank visa page
One copy of the flight itinerary
Texas Tower Order Form

Business Visas only:
Company business letter

Is a yellow fever vaccination required?

Yes, you will need to be able to show proof of a recent vaccination for Yellow Fever.

How many blank visa pages are needed?
Liberia will require one blank visa page to stamp on entry. If you need to add pages, it will now require renewing your passport.

If you have any questions about traveling to Liberia or need help obtaining your travel visa, talk to us at 713-874-1420. Our staff is ready to assist you.

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