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28 May

Seeing Britain on a Budget

Planning a trip to the United Kingdom? Since no visa is required for entry for U.S. citizens, just make sure your passport has more than six months before expiration (otherwise you need to renew your passport) and you’re good to go!

The money conversion rate can seem daunting for planning a trip to Britain  if you’re used to the deals you get in South America or in other countries. But, there are deals to be had in the U.K., you just need to know where to look.

Budget-Friendly Places to Stay
Think a posh London hotel is out of your price range? Not necessarily. Check to see if the hotel you want to stay in offers a guaranteed dollar rates. This will give you the best exchange rate dollar for dollar.

Another way to save money when you’re visiting the U.K. is to rent a room or bed and breakfast.  The Youth Hostels Association has a network of over 200 youth hostels in England and Wales. These are ideal for singles as well as family travelers. They have nice accommodations and you can find good food at a good price.

Speaking of Good Food…
When you’re visiting the UK on a budget, you don’t have to forego great food. By all means, check out the fish and chips and pub grub. There are also Michelin star restaurants within your budget such as  Arbutus  in Londonwhere you can nosh on a 3-course meal that is very budget-friendly. One dining experience you shouldn’t pass up is found in Gastropubs. They have been one of the hottest food trends for a couple of years now and there’s no sign the appeal is waning.

What to do on a budget…
Short answer: there’s a lot to do on the cheap in the UK. History buffs should take advantage of the free admission offered at the more than 250 National Museums and galleries in Britain. There are 238 in London alone, 11 in Scotland and 8 in Wales.

Getting a London Pass might be worth your while. The card will give you complimentary entry to 50 attractions as well as the ability to claim special discounts and offers at restaurants and theaters. It’s also your golden ticket to avoid long lines at popular attractions. Plus complimentary access to public transportation to get around town.  tubes and trains.

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