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31 Jul

How to Get Spanish Translations for Your Venezuela Work Visa Fast!


If you have taken a job in Venezuela, we can help you with every aspect of getting your travel papers together.

There are two important documents you will need to include with a work visa along with the application. You will need a copy your police report on yourself and a copy of a certificate of health – both documents need to be translated into Spanish as part of your visa travel documents. This is something our office can help you with.

Simply call your local police department and see if you need to make an appointment or they handle walk-ins for record checks. Venezuela, like most countries,  requires a 5-year history. We can certify the document for you.

Your health certificate should be less than 90 days old and signed by a doctor, again we can help you certify this document.

That’s just two of the forms you will need to obtain to work in Venezuela, we can make the process easy for you. Just call us today and get the process start here.

Once you’re in Venezuela, here are some of the sights to see when you’re not working:

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