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04 Mar

Renew Your US Passport in Houston in 5 Easy Steps

There are many reasons you might need to expedite your passport renewal, but when it gets down to the point of, you need it sooner than six to seven...

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07 Dec

Same Day Passport Renewal Available!

It stressful to find out at the last minute before you leave for your trip that your passport is expired. The good news is that in just a few...

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23 Nov

How Many of These Passport Facts Do You Know?

Love to travel? How much do you know about your humble passport? Recently, we put together a list of the most common questions we get regarding passports. See how...

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20 Nov

Renew Your Passport in 24-Hours – No Delays in Holiday Travel

Holiday hours: We will be closed Thursday, November 22, 2018, in observance of Thanksgiving and open for regular hours Friday and Saturday to assist you with your travel document...

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06 Nov

Travel Hack: Outsource Your US Passport and Visa

Before a trip overseas, one of the things you don’t have to do is spend time renewing your passport. Using a passport expediting service, you simply pay a fee...

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02 Nov

How to Renew Your Passport Online

If you’ve been putting off renewing your passport because you don’t want to deal with chasing the paperwork or standing in the long lines, it’s time to consider outsourcing...

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15 Oct

How to Get Your Passport in One Day

No matter if you’re getting your first passport or renewing your passport once again, getting it fast is usually a priority for most travelers. Here’s why outsourcing your passport...

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26 Sep

My Dog Chewed My Passport-Can I Use It? And Other Passport Questions

Here at TexasTower.net we process a lot of passport requests. All types of requests like new passports, renewing passports, helping people handle lost or stolen passports, and a lot...

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12 Sep

How Long Does it Take to Get a Passport?

No matter what the reason is that you need your passport, we can help you. The number one reason people realize they suddenly need their passport, is the country...

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22 Feb

Need Your U.S. Passport Fast for Spring Break Travel?

You have choices when you apply for your first passport or renew.  You can go through the U.S. Passport Agency, and the wait time can be up to four...

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