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What Vaccinations are Required to Enter China- (1)Many countries require inoculation against certain diseases to enter the country. China does not require proof of vaccinations to enter the country.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into some preventative healthcare. However, 4 to 6 weeks before you visit China, the CDC recommends the following vaccinations: measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. The CDC recommends all travelers are up to date on routine vaccines before every trip.
travel vaccinations for China
2 More Vaccinations to Consider
The CDC also recommends getting vaccinated against Hepatitis A as the tap water in most of China is not safe to drink, and you can contact Hep A through contaminated water or food prepared in contaminated water. Also if you’re an adventurous eater or staying in a rural area, you should get a current vaccination to guard against typhoid.

Why Get Vaccinated 4-6 Weeks Before Travel?
It takes time for a vaccination to build up in your immune system to fully protect you. Therefore, several weeks lead time will give you the maximum protection while traveling.

See the full information for the CDC’s recommended vaccinations for China travel here.

China is a great destination for both business and tourism. If you’re taking the kids along, here’s a collection of tips to keep the traveling smooth.

1 – Make sure everyone’s passport is current
All family members need passports to travel to China. We can issue and renew passports for you. If you need your passport within 24 hours, we can handle that too.

2 – You’re going to need travel visas
No matter what type of travel you’re engaging in China, every member of your family will need a travel visa to enter the country. We can expedite your China visa and save you a trip to the embassy.

3- Timing is everything
Make sure that you’re planning your trip to China during a school break or other long break for your kids. Consequently, know when venues in China will be crowded because of Chinese holidays. School summer holidays (July and August), Labor Day (May 1–7), and National Day (October 1–7). Most famous attractions will be over-crowded with Chinese tourists during these holidays.

4- Plan kid-friendly activities
In Beijing, you can visit the Forbidden City, enjoy a rickshaw ride, or explore the Great Wall. Xi’an has the amazing terracotta army. Do a little research and you can find numerous things to do to keep the kids learning about China without a single boring moment.

5-Don’t drink the tap water
Avoid the tap water. If your kids have tummies that get upset easily, it’s a good idea to avoid the food from street vendors.

6-Keep an eye on your kids
Don’t let your kids go off alone, especially at tourist attractions. Some parents give their kids a note written in Chinese with their hotel information and mobile numbers just in case the kids get separated.

7- Souvenirs
Let your kids pick out souvenirs. It’s fun to shop for mementos and keepsakes to remember your family trip to China.

Are up a traveler between the ages of 14 to 70? You may find yourself providing your fingerprints upon entry to China next time you visit.

In an effort to strengthen national security, China will be asking foreign visitors to provide their fingerprints upon entry. According to a story in the South China Morning Post, the information will be stored for official use. It was not stated if the fingerprints would be shared with other agencies. The new system is designed to be efficient and the Ministry said no unnecessary delays should be experienced by travelers.

The current exceptions are for foreigners traveling on diplomatic passports and visas. At this time those travelers will not be required to provide their fingerprints. China cited the program they are utilizing is already active in other countries. For example, the U.S. has been collecting fingerprints from foreign nationals since 2004.

The first fingerprints will be collected through Beijing’s Shenzhen Airport the last week of February. The process is then scheduled to roll out across the nation to all entry points into China.

Tips for Getting Your China Visa FastOne of the smartest things you can do when you’re planning to travel to China from the United States, outsource the procurement of your travel visa to Texas Tower.

How Does the Process Work?
For both business and tourist travel visas to China, just visit this page and follow the instructions. We have organized what paperwork to submit to us, with links to make it easy.  Once you gather the necessary documents, we save you a trip to the embassy and obtain your China travel visa for you. We can also translate any necessary documents for you to or from English.

What are the Passport Requirements for China?
Also, our agent will help you with your passport if necessary. Entry to China requires a passport valid 6 months beyond trip completion and side by side blank visa pages. If you need to renew your passport, we can help you with that too.

Can You Obtain Certified Documents?
If you need any certified documents such as a birth certificate, we can obtain a copy from anywhere in the United States.

How Long Does it Take?
Acquiring your China travel visa can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days depending on the type of service you order from Texas Tower.

Take the hassle out of gathering your travel documents and going to the embassy to get your travel visa, let Texas Tower take care of the legwork for you.  Call us today at (713) 874-1420 to get started.

quanHere’s some Monday Inspiration for you. 29-year-old Quan is on a mission to promote awareness for more wheelchair accessible places by clocking a 3,900-mile trip made by wheelchair.

When Quan was 17, he had surgery to remove a tumor from his spine. The tumor was removed, but he suffered nerve damage in his spine and lost the use of his legs. When he took a customer service job in Beijing in 2013, he noticed there were not a lot of places that were wheelchair-friendly and every day was a challenge for him.

So far, Quan has been traveling for 570 days. He stated that he has found opposition during his travels. “Restaurant owners would refuse to take me in because they see me as a beggar,” Quan said. “I go to a hotel, they would tell me they are fully booked.”

Ultimately, Quan wants people with disabilities to fit in and be treated just like anyone else.

There are an estimated 85 million residents with disabilities in China. The country is working to improve access for individuals, but progress has been slow. Quan noted so far he hasn’t seen many hotel or restaurants with excellent accessibility as of yet, but he’s hoping as news continues to spread of his journey, awareness will continue to be raised.

4 Reasons You Must Visit China

We ran across an interesting blog. Nick and Dariece run a site called “Goats on the Road” and they put together a sites that shares information for living a financially independent and lifestyle that is independent of location.

TexasTower processes a large number of passports and visas to China and their article for visiting China struck a chord. It’s true, when you mention the beauty of China, people will often give you a puzzling look. The first thought someone who hasn’t experienced China is that the country is very crowded and polluted from stem to stern. When in reality, China is filled with beautiful and exotic destinations to see. Check out the Goats on the Road top 4 reasons to visit China.

Need more inspiration for the beauty in China?