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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the visa process can take some time on its own. However, expediting means only having to wait just a few days to get what you need. Why wait when, for a small fee, you can have your visa in just a few days without any hassle? Here are some of the main benefits of expediting your China visa:

  • Certainty.
    Instead of waiting for several weeks and still not being sure if you’ll get the visa, you can be approved in mere days and have your visa in your mailbox within a handful of business days.  
  • Expecting the unexpected.
    Life happens. In emergency situations, expediting your visa will get you where you need to go in just a few days, so you’ll never be too late for your engagements, family members in need, or important last-minute events in life.  
  • Convenience.
    It’s incredibly convenient to let a team handle it instead of having to take the day off of work and travel hundreds of miles (in some cases) to the nearest consulate to apply for your visa. With all of your documents in order, an agency dedicated to expediting passports and visas can handle your enquiry faster and with less stress. You can carry on with your day knowing you will have your Chinese visa needs taken care of.

There are few drawbacks to having your China visa expedited, especially since in most cases, Houstonians and other US residents will need one to be in China in the first place. Remember: once you get your visa, you have 90 days (or, in some cases, 180 days) to travel to China. The best time to apply for a Chinese business or tourist visa in Houston is between 2 months to 15 days before you plan to leave, so make sure to plan accordingly and have all of your paperwork ready so the application process goes smoothly.

If you’re ready to start the process of expediting your China visa, you can contact Texas Tower Houston at 713-874-1420, we are ready to assist you.

Knowing the basics of getting your travel visa for China can make the process go a lot faster. Our Houston-based office can expedite the entire process for you.

When to Apply
The timing of when you apply is an important part of getting your visa. You can start the application process within 90 days of your departure date, but no sooner.  Although we can validate any jurisdiction, there an extra $150 fee for processing applications outside of Houston.

No Showing Off Your Awesome Handwriting 
Also, the application for a China visa must be type-written. Although many embassies allow for handwritten visa applications, the Chinese Embassy isn’t one of them and any application not submitted in typed form will not be accepted.

Special Note for Individuals Born in China
If you were born in China, you will need to submit to us your Chinese passport or a copy of its personal information page, or your last foreign passport you received with a China travel visa. Your visa application may require that you submit renunciation papers.

Types of China Visas
There are two main types of travel visas. Business and tourist. The nature of your travel to China will depend on the type of visa you need to apply for.

Process for Getting a China Visa
There are just 4 easy steps to getting a visa for a trip to China.
1. Choose your type of visa.
2. Go to our China Visa page and complete the documents.
3. Ship completed paperwork to us with your payment
4. We make the trip to the embassy so you don’t have to.  The final thing to do is just wait for your visa to arrive in two to ten business days (dependent on the time service chosen).


SARAThe People’s Republic of China, or just China is sometimes confused with the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan. If you are planning to travel to China on business or as a tourist, you will need both a current passport and a travel visa to enter the country.

Passport Requirements 
You will need to have a passport that carries an expiration date 6 months beyond the date of your trip completion. You will also need to have side-by-side blank visa pages. If you need to renew your passport, we offer an expedited service and we can also help you add extra pages to your passport.  You can get more information about those passport services here.

Business and Tourist Travel Visa Requirements for People’s Republic of China
The embassy requires that the forms be typed not handwritten, be aware of this requirement. We have an easy to follow list of the paperwork you need to get together to obtain your travel visa. We can also expedite the process for you if you need it faster than the standard processing time of approximately 10 working days.

If you need to obtain your travel visa to China faster, we can assist you with that and expedite your paperwork to the embassy and get your visa back to you within 1-2 working days. Contact us to get started with your visa today.

Have any questions about traveling to the People’s Republic of China? Just call us! (713) 874-1420