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Can you believe it’s already July 2018?

One thing we see during the summer months is an increase in new high school grads seeking copies of their birth certificate for college. If you don’t have yours. Now is a good time to order and get your personal paperwork ready to go for college in the Fall!

Personal paperwork isn’t something you think about on a daily basis, there are times you must be able to produce proof of your birth and identity. That’s where having a certified copy of your birth certificate comes in handy. It is not a bad idea to have extra certified copies of your personal papers and put them in a safety deposit box in case there is a loss of your home through fire or an act of nature.

Here are the seven most common reasons people need to produce a copy of a certified birth certificate.

Travel Documents – When obtaining a passport or travel visa, a certified copy of your birth certificate may be required.

Driver’s License– not all states require this, contact your local agency to find out for sure.

School Registration – when registering for school at any age, a birth certificate is commonly requested.

Marriage License – find out the laws in your state, but many states require a certified copy of a birth certificate to issue a marriage license.

Sports Participation – this is primarily required in registration for youth sports, but you will usually need to show a copy of the birth certificate for your child to participate.

Social Security Card – if you need to acquire or change your name on your Social Security card, you may need to furnish a certified birth certificate copy as well as a secondary form of identification.

Don’t get caught without a certified copy of your birth certificate – order online at United States Birth Certificate.

We’d like to announce we’ve revamped and updated our site: United States Birth Certificate. We offer an easy way to get a copy of your birth certificate.  Here’s a fast overview of how it works and common questions.

Just 3 steps to getting your birth certificate from any state through us. 
1. Fill out our online form.
2. Upload a copy of your driver’s license or state i.d.
3. Get your birth certificate delivered in your mail box.

The Law of Needing Things states, “You will know exactly where your certificate copy of your birth certificate is until you need it.
This happens often. For this reason, if you need your birth certificate copy on a rush, we can do that too.

There are numerous reasons that you might need a copy of your birth certificate:
1 -A New employer may request it.
2- Passport or visa application
3- Insurance application
4- School registration
5- Geneology or family research purposes

Although your birth certificate can’t be delivered online. It will show up at the address you designated at the time of your order.
Get a copy of your birth certificate, it’s never a bad idea to have one handy.