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You can climb Mount Everest from the China side or the Nepal side. This post is an overview and links to some well-done checklists for entering through Nepal and some tips to make your trip easier and avoid some of the bumps that international travel can sometimes bring.

Need a Passport or Visa?
United States citizens entering Nepal will need a visa to enter the country. Nepal also requires a blank page in your passport for entry. As of January 2016, you can no longer add pages to your passport. You will need to renew if you need to add pages no matter when your expiration date is for your passport.
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Nepal does not require any vaccinations to enter the country, the CDC has issued a list of vaccinations it considers important for travelers to Nepal to receive before entering the country.
You can read the most current information at the CDC.

Recommended Vaccinations for Nepal
Recommended Vaccinations for Nepal

What to Pack?
You cannot go wrong using the advice from thePlanetd. They have the most extensive list of what to bring for a climb to basecamp we’ve run across. Including valuable tips on layering and winterizing that even seasoned climbers may find helpful. They also cover electronics, snackage, and a ton of helpful tips.
Get the list here.

What’s the Cost?
Alan Arnette has a fantastic breakdown of the real cost for a trip to climb Everest. You can see the entire list here to make sure you’re considering every last thing when you’re planning your trip. See the cost breakdown here.

Considering a trip to Nepal? Get your gear in order and let us help you get there! Happy climbing!

Good Morning, Houston! (3)For U.S. citizens visiting Nepal for business or as tourists, you will need a travel visa. Also, because entry to Nepal requires an extra visa page in your passport. If you need extra pages, you will have to renew your passport, no matter how much is left until it expires.

The maximum stay in Nepal on your travel visa is 30 days.

Here is how easy it is to get your Nepal visa through Texas Tower:

One completed Nepal Visa Application
One passport-type photograph
Physical passport (must have more than six months before expiration beyond trip completion and one blank visa page)
One copy of your flight itinerary
One completed Texas Tower Order Form
One copy of your flight itinerary
Business visas only: company business letter (we can give you a sample)

Because of previous instability in the region due to an earthquake followed by monsoon rains, it’s a good idea to check the latest conditions for the area you’re going to be in.

The State Department has updated reports from the embassy in Kathmandu.  See travel warnings for Nepal.

If you’re curious exactly how beautiful Nepal is, check out this video overview: