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Everyone that has gone through the process of getting a U.S. passport knows the basics of how it works and to keep their passport safe. Here are five things you may not know about your U.S. passport.

  1.  The U.S. Passport is no longer the most powerful
    The power of a passport is calculated by how many countries the passport holder can visit without obtaining a travel visa. Up until the present the U.S. and U.K. were tied for first place. This year, Germany scooped them both as the most powerful passport according to the Global Passport Index.
  2.  The majority of Americans don’t have passports
    According to the latest figures from the State Department, only 38% of Americans hold current passports.
  3.  Your expiration date isn’t your expiration date
    Even though your passport reads it expires in 10 years, most countries won’t let you enter if you have less than 6 months left on your passport. So you technically have to renew after 9 years to stay current.
  4. Counterfeit passports tend to get caught
    The newest incarnation of the U.S. passport possesses over 30 security features and is very difficult to duplicate. Fraudulent passports are normally caught very quickly.
  5. The chip in your passport is high-tech
    Although passports have had chips since around 2005, the chip has evolved from then to now as much more secure. The chip is protected with a polycarbonate coating and only countries with the same technology can read and verify the chip.

If you don’t have a current passport, or you have questions about how to renew or obtain a passport, just ask us! Call us at 713-874-1420 or email info@texastower.net .

United States citizens traveling to Norway don’t need a travel visa, however, they do need a valid passport.

Speaking of passports, have you seen the updated version of Norway’s passport? The country had a contest for the updated design. Oslo-based design company Neue won the competition with this design. To see what is so special about it, scroll down.
Norway's New Passport Design Is Beautiful - UltraLinx.clipular
Notice around the edges is a minimilist version of the crest in red, white and turquoise, standing for standard, immigrant, or diplomat respectively.

Norway's New Passport Design Is Beautiful - UltraLinx.clipular (1)
When the passport is scanned under a UV light, the landscapes on the passport transform to show the Northern Lights in the nights sky.
Norway's New Passport Design Is Beautiful - UltraLinx.clipular (2)

Neue also designed the new passport photo page.
Norway's New Passport Design Is Beautiful - UltraLinx.clipular (3)
The new passports are due to begin use in 2017. What do you think? Is it time for an upgrade in the style of passports in your country?

According to a study conducted by Airlines for America, an industry group that represents the largest U.S. carriers, this summer will be the busiest summer in the history of U.S. air travel. Between June 1st through August 31st, a record 222 million travelers are expected to fly.
The previous largest travel season on record was in 2007 with 217 million travelers.
Source: USA Today

What does this mean for travelers?
Double check your travel documents
This means it’s more important than ever to get your passport in process if you’re getting your first one. Renew passports and add extra pages if you have less than 2 in your current passport. If you’re a frequent traveler, look into the benefits of owning a second passport.

Leave a little earlier
Also, give yourself extra time to get through check-in. If the airport you usually fly out of is slow processing travelers through check points, make sure to show up a little earlier than usual to make sure there are no delays.