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No matter if you’re traveling to Ghana, Russia, England, or staying within the continental U.S., knowing how to pack can make the difference in a number of things you can bring in even a single bag (for those of you who like to travel really light!).  This is particularly true if you are a traveler that enjoys hiking.

An excellent way to get to know an area is to hike through it.
Africa alone has a huge number of gorgeous hiking areas in Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya to name a few. There are numerous types of walking tours around the world, and hiking is best done with the least amount of necessary stuff in a single bag to keep things as light as possible.

Inside the U.S., the Appalachian Trail is a premier hiking destination for beginners as well as seasoned pros. You can get started in a local National Park or forest area. As far as gear, you don’t need a lot, but there are specialized items you need to make your hike more enjoyable. The North Face should have everything you need in one place.

How to Get Started
If you aren’t sure hiking is for you, try a short day trip first. Grab a hiking buddy and plan a few hours out on a trail together. Make it a goal to reconnect with nature. Even better, take a camera and record some sights to share. If you enjoyed your initial outing, then schedule a campout and see if sleeping under a starry sky and enjoying tent life is for you. There are all types of helpful items to make camping easy from easy firestarters for cooking to solar chargers for your phone and music that are lightweight and take up very little space in your bag. Whenever you’re considering adding an item to your gear, consider the weight and size and if it is really useful enough to rate the space.

Extra Places to Learn
Subscribe to blogs and check out tips on camping to make sure every hike you go on is equal parts safe and enjoyable. Learn from the pros and save yourself an unnecessary learning curve. The more you hike you more you learn the things you personally need for a great time. You’ll appreciate honing good packing skills around three hours into a hike when you realize you have everything you need, but you’re not carrying nearly the amount of weight your buddy is toting around.

Check out this infographic for some packing tips to make that hike easier whether in the U.S. or outside of it.Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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captioncontest060812We recently ran across what many people might consider a dream job. Imagine getting paid $10,000/monthly to travel and you have slum it staying in million-dollar luxury accommodations. Sounds rough right?

THIRDHOME  a luxury vacation company, announced on their Facebook page they are seeing applicants for a travel position that will send you all over the world for 3 months staying in as many as 12 different luxury vacation homes. The position will entail sharing your experience in photos and video in blog posts as well as social media. Something most of us do anyway when we travel for free!

THIRDHOME describes the job as “the best job on the planet” and from the overview of their job post, they may be right.

3RD HOME.clipular

To apply, you need to make a one-minute long video explaining why you’re the ideal person for this. Make sure your passport is valid (talk to us if it isn’t and we’ll get it renewed for you!) and get in on this opportunity.

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Start planning your travel for 2016.  South America will be a prime destination this coming year, and not just because of the Olympics in Brazil.  Here are the top five destinations you should consider exploring in 2016. United States citizens won’t need a travel visa for entry to all of these countries, but you will need a current passport for all.

According to Tyler Dillon of Butterfield & Robinson, the peace deal between the government and left-wing guerrillas will enable the travel industry in Columbia to flourish once again.

united-kingdom-sUnited Kingdom
Because of the El Nino year bringing warmer weather and milder winters in the Northern Hemisphere, travel to England, Ireland, and Scotland should be on your list according to J. Epstein of Celebrated Experiences.

myanmar-cruiseVietnam and Myanmar
Enjoy a leisurely cruise and see the countries from a different viewpoint. Luxury cruises are available on The Belmond Orcaella, Sanctuary Ananda, and Aqua Mekong.

COMM-SoAmMap-12172010Chile and Peru
Post-Olympic travelers should make time to explore these two gorgeous South American countries before heading back.

African Safari with Drones
Hunting by capturing images instead of animals has been common. Drones take it a whole other level. Many preserves are already using drones to minimize poaching, particularly of elephants and rhinos. A few tourism businesses offer drone photos during the safari as another way to capture candid photos of the wildlife.

Those are just five great destinations for 2016, where are you planning to go?