12 Apr

Brazil Travel: Sights to See in Rio de Janeiro

Are you planning a summer trip to Brazil? Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful, vibrant city that warrants the attention of any traveler. Whether you want to see Christ...

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28 Mar

Top 3 Must-See Destinations in Belarus

Are you preparing to go backpacking in Europe, visiting family, or just want to have a fun vacation abroad this summer? If you’re heading to Belarus, make sure to...

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10 Oct

Top 10 Safest Countries to Visit

Planning to travel abroad over the coming holidays?  Here are the top ten safest international destinations according to a study conducted by Statista. 10. Czech Republic – A land...

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07 Sep

Tourist Travel to Mexico Takes a Dive After State Department Issues Travel Warning

There was a gun fight in a club in Playa Del Carmen and numerous reports of drugged drinks. There has also been an increase in homicide rates in two...

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01 Aug

Don’t Want to Look Like a Tourist When You Travel?

Everyone knows when you travel you shouldn’t dress like a tourist, but what are some other things around the world that might shock a traveler from another country. Customs...

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