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It’s not only Wednesday and on the way to Friday, but April 19th is Humorous Day and we thought it would be a great day to look at some pranks pulled off in airports.

It can be boring on a layover waiting for your next flight. You can only watch streaming Headline News, some talk show, or watch the other travelers streaming by to their own layovers or catching flights for so long.  Here’s a few people who took self amusement to the next level, and filmed it!

Fake Outlet Prank
Have you ever been in a smaller airport with few outlets? Talk about frustrating. This prank puts up a fake outlet.

Crashing Other People’s Calls
Isn’t it annoying when someone else begins chatting loudly next to you? This guy is all of us.

Welcoming Strangers at the Airport

Greeting Mom Prank
These two sisters missed their Mom and her a very special sign.

Hope you got a smile from these pranks and have a great Humorous Day!

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To kick off your Monday with a smile, here is a small collection of some of the best travel pranks for 2015 so far. Some of these were pretty bold for companies to pull off, considering some people do not react well to being pranked.

Denver International Airport (DIA) Leak Confirms Conspiracy
There are a lot of conspiracies surrounding the DIA. The mural that is said to depict and end times scenario, an underground headquarters for the Illuminati, reptilian aliens, or other fringe groups poised to be the new overlords of Earth. In April, DIA decided to have some fun with that and “leaked”a web page to confirm those conspiracies were true. It was found at the official site for Denver International, Fly Denver with a page titled New World Order, http://www.flydenver.com/newworldorder.
DIA pranks conspiracy theorists with 'leaked page'.clipular

In-Flight Mag Skymall Bought by theCHIVE
Another prank that went above and beyond was the announcement that theCHIVE had purchase Skymall. The pranksters went as far as to update the Skymall Wikipedia page with the acquisition of the company by CHIVE by purchasing Skymall in their own catalog when they were offered for purchase, and the fact they will no longer sell anything cat-related.
The 6 April Fools' Day Travel Pranks We're Not Falling For - TravelPulse.clipular
Virgin Relocates to Branson Missouri
Ahhh Branson, situated in the Ozarks with a population of around 10,000 people, it seemed like the perfect place to move Virgin Corporation. Richard Branson stated the move was purely for historical reasons upon learning his great-great-uncle Reuben S. Branson founded the city back in the 19th century.

Qantas Adding a “U” to Name
Australian airline Qantas got in on the prank action and quietly put up photos of their planes emblazoned with the new “Quantas” pointing out the new name is pronounced exactly as the former name.

STA Travel Debuts STAnder Mobile Dating App
From a travel company that specializes in travel for students and the 18-30 crowd, this was a great prank. Based on the popular app Tinder, STA announced it had released STAnder in a press release. Their fake customer relations director “Una Niteonly” stated, “We’ve been flirting with the idea of an online dating platform for our travelers for some time and we’re overjoyed to launch STAnder onto the global backpacking dating scene! With over 400 STA Travel stores in 85 countries, our customers come from all over the world, with many of them using online dating apps in their home country already.”

Gotcha! From Ecuador Tourism Board
The Ecuador Tourist Board pranked a group of 40 visitors into believing they flew to Costa Rica and were in the port town Golfito.

Those are just a few of the best pranks pulled by travel companies and airlines so far in 2015. Got any good ones we missed? Leave a link in the comments!