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06 Sep

Things to Know Before Your First Visit to Ghana

Things to Know Before Your First Visit to Ghana

1. Never been to Ghana before? Check any preconceived notions you have about Africans at the door. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

2. Don’t photograph people unless you ask politely. It’s considered rude to point and click at locals going about their daily lives without permission. Most Ghanians will happily pose for photos if approached politely.

3. Did you know the average Ghanian speaks 3 languages including English by age 8? Rest assured you shouldn’t have any issues being understood.

4. Learn some useful Twi phrases so you can speak to locals. It’s considered respectful for travelers to at least try. Here are several to get you started.
english phrase         Twi phrase                [pronunciation]
1.How are you?      Wo ho te sɛn?         [woe HOE teh SANG]
2.I am doing well   Me ho yɛ.                  [mih HOE yeh]
3.What’s up?            Ɛte sɛn?                     [eh-teh SANG]
4.I’m fine.                   Ɛyɛ.                              [eh-yeh]
5.Yes.                           Aane.                           [aah-NIH]/[ayn]
6.No.                           Dabi.                             [deh-BEE]
7.Good morning. Maakye.                      [mah CHEE]
8.Good afternoon. Maaha.                     [mah HÃ]
9.Good evening   Maadwo.                    [mah JWO]

5. You probably already have a list going of places you want to visit in Accra. Talk to the locals and find particular places of interest. Yes, there are tourist venues, but see Ghana as the people who live there see it to really experience it.

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