Tips for Getting a Philippines Visa

Are you a U.S citizen traveling to the Philippines? Along with a current passport, you are going to need a travel visa to enter the country. That goes for either business or tourist travel.

What Business Visa Philippines Travelers Need to Know
Getting your visa for a business trip to the Philippines is easy when you outsource it to Texas Tower. We do the legwork for you. Here is what you will need to provide to us:

For Visiting as a Tourist

  • One completed and notarized Philippines visa application
  • Two passport type photos (please sign back of each photo)
  • Physical passport with 6 months validity beyond trip completion and one blank visa page
  • Non-USA passport holders must provide a copy of green card or US Visa and I-94
  • One copy of flight itinerary
  • Copy of hotel arrangements or other proof of lodgings
  • Texas Tower order form

If you feel you have a special situation or you have any questions, call us at (713) 874-1420, we’re ready to assist you in getting your Philippines visa.