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18 Oct

Top Halloween Destinations for Travelers that Love a Good Scare

Halloween is almost here, want to know where to go for the best scare? How about a mummy museum in Mexico? An island of ghosts in Japan? Lonely Planet teamed up with Great Big Story, a production company that produces microdocumentaries for social, digital, and theatrical release. Here are a few of their most frightening choices.

Doll Island – South of Mexico City, in the canals of Xochimilcoa, a man said a young tourist died outside of his home and her spirit returned to scare him. For protection, he began hanging dolls he found around his island home. In 2001, the owner of the island drowned the same way the tourist did. His grand-nephew took over as caretaker.

Hotel Palmyra – amazingly through the wars and turmoil that has embroiled this area of the world, this hotel has been standing in Lebanon since 1874. There are Roman ruins right outside the front door.

Shengshen Island, China – a place where nature has reclaimed a once-thriving fishing village.

Mummy Museum in Guanajuato, Mexico isn’t meant to be a scary place. It is a collection of naturally well-preserved bodies from a Cholera outbreak in the 1800s.

Those are just three destinations around the world. What’s your favorite Halloween destination?

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