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24 Apr

Tourists Flocking to Newfoundland to See Giant 150-ft Iceberg

Newfoundland has long been a tourist hub of activity for people coming to see “Iceberg Alley.” Recently, a hunk of ice of huge proportions appears to be stuck and it’s generating all kinds of interest. Remember the 150-feet that you can see are all that is out of the water, icebergs are generally much larger below the surface of the water. The peak time to view icebergs is from now until June.  This year is predicted to have the largest number of icebergs in years.

U.S. citizens don’t need  a passport to visit Newfoundland to enjoy Iceberg Alley, however reentry to the United States will require a valid (more than 6-months until expiration) passport.

If you need to renew  or get your very first passport, we can expedite the process for you. We can also obtain passports for every member of the family. Book your flight and talk to us about obtaining your passport. We will make sure you won’t be late to enjoy Iceberg Alley this year.  Call Texas Tower at 713-874-1420 or contact us on Facebook.


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