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24 Jul

Tuesday Travel Tip : How to Drive Legally Overseas as an American

Getting your International Driver’s Permit (IDP) otherwise referred to as an International Driving License, can give you the ultimate freedom when you travel. You won’t be at the mercy of waiting for cabs, train schedules, or delayed rides. You get to be in the driver’s seat – literally.
In short – and IDP Go where you want and when you want.

You won’t need to take a driving test and best of all, your IDP is recognized by most foreign governments as valid for operating a vehicle. If you’re curious what those countries are, here is a list. Before you ask, no it doesn’t replace your driver’s license in the United States. The minimum age is 18-years of age and your IDP will be valid for 12 months from the issue date.


If  you or someone you know is traveling outside the United States, or travels regularly, an IDP is a good option to have. Some countries have very strict laws regarding operation of a vehicle without a valid license or permit, and who wants to make meeting the local law enforcement in a not good way part of their trip?
Have a valid IDP ready to help you be in charge of where you go and when you get there because you’re driving.

Ready to get your IDP? Just go here.

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