How to Get Your Jordan Visa

Visiting Jordan traveling from the United States, you’re going to need a travel visa for entry to the country.

Fortunately, we can help make the process of getting your Jordanian travel visa seamless. If you gather up the paperwork, we will do the legwork of visiting the embassy or consulate for you to obtain your visa. We can even expedite the standard service and get your visa in your hands in just 1-2 business days.

Here is all you need to get together to obtain your Jordan Business Travel Visa:
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Also this is a good time to review your personal passport. Make sure your expiration date isn’t happening within 6 months of the completion of your visit to Jordan, and also that you have at least one blank page. Texas Tower can assist you with fast passport renewal as well as obtaining extra pages for your passport in a timely manner.

There are no vaccination requirements to visit Jordan, and if you’d like to keep up to date on the latest travel warnings for Jordan and the region, you can do so at the Jordan Travel page at the U.S. Department of State.

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4 Reasons You Must Visit China

We ran across an interesting blog. Nick and Dariece run a site called “Goats on the Road” and they put together a sites that shares information for living a financially independent and lifestyle that is independent of location.

TexasTower processes a large number of passports and visas to China and their article for visiting China struck a chord. It’s true, when you mention the beauty of China, people will often give you a puzzling look. The first thought someone who hasn’t experienced China is that the country is very crowded and polluted from stem to stern. When in reality, China is filled with beautiful and exotic destinations to see. Check out the Goats on the Road top 4 reasons to visit China.

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