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16 Dec

You Won’t Believe How This Country Updated Their Passports

United States citizens traveling to Norway don’t need a travel visa, however, they do need a valid passport.

Speaking of passports, have you seen the updated version of Norway’s passport? The country had a contest for the updated design. Oslo-based design company Neue won the competition with this design. To see what is so special about it, scroll down.

Notice around the edges is a minimilist version of the crest in red, white and turquoise, standing for standard, immigrant, or diplomat respectively.

When the passport is scanned under a UV light, the landscapes on the passport transform to show the Northern Lights in the nights sky.

Neue also designed the new passport photo page.

The new passports are due to begin use in 2017. What do you think? Is it time for an upgrade in the style of passports in your country?

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