18 Jun

Before You Get a Visa to Pakistan…

If you are an American and wish to travel to Pakistan, you will require a visa no matter if you are going for business or pleasure. There are some...

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12 Jun

Do You Need a Travel Visa for Denmark?

The short answer to that question is : probably not. U.S. citizens traveling to Denmark for business or pleasure will not need a visa to enter the country.  You...

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11 Jun

Ultimate List of Inspiring Travel Quotes

We work on the business end of making the travel plans for our clients as seamless as possible. We expedite passport, visit the consulates, get travel visas in order,...

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29 May

4 Reasons You Must Visit China

We ran across an interesting blog. Nick and Dariece run a site called “Goats on the Road” and they put together a sites that shares information for living a...

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28 May

Getting a Certified Birth Certificate

If you need a passport, visa, international drivers license, or simply a certified copy of your birth certificate, we can help.  We can obtain and certify any necessary documents...

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27 May

Betcha Didn’t Know This About Passports

We work with passports and travel documents every single day. Sometimes when you’re immersed in a niche market you don’t really consider the nuances that make that realm truly...

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19 May

Airlines Predict Busiest Summer Travel Ever

According to a study conducted by Airlines for America, an industry group that represents the largest U.S. carriers, this summer will be the busiest summer in the history of...

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27 Mar

A new app help speed travelers through Sea-Tac

In an effort to speed travelers that want to get through customs quicker has the opportunity to try a new app, operational for Sea-Tac airport. This app lets travelers...

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24 Mar

Texas Tower Passport Services

The Texas Tower passport services and visa services blog is dedicated to educating both professional travelers as well as the novice traveler on what is needed to travel to...

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