27 Dec

Top 10 Places to Ring in 2017 (Plus a Bonus Recommendation!)

Curious about where to say goodbye to 2016 and celebrate 2017? There’s still time to get your travel plans arranged, get your passport if you need it and your...

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08 Dec

Kenya Fights to Reclaim Tourism Industry

Kenya has long been a jewel in the tourism industry of Africa. The few years haven’t been so positive for Kenya. The country has had some setbacks to their...

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08 Nov

That Time You Needed a Certified Birth Certificate

Okay fast question, do you have a certified copy of your birth certificate? Does your spouse? Do you have one for your children? If you cannot absolutely answer, “Yes.”...

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04 Nov

Yes, You Can Take Your Own Passport Photo

On our site, we recommend for people to get their passport photos professionally taken, it is legal and an option for you to take your own passport photo, there...

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07 Oct

Life Change? Update Your Passport Name

When a person gets married, divorced, or otherwise makes a name change – the driver’s license and social security card often are the first to see a change to...

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20 Sep

Is There Time To Change Your Name on Your Passport Before the Honeymoon?

No matter if you had a spur-of-the-moment wedding at the Justice of the Peace or you threw an all out gala event for your nuptials, one common question many...

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15 Sep

Knowing This Can Get Your Passport in 24 Hours

September is Passport Awareness Month and here’s something great to know you can do at any time: speed up getting your passport. In a recent story by The Huffington...

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24 Aug

How to Change Your Name on Your Passport

Life happens and sometimes those happenings include a change of name. Along with your driver’s license and social security card, you’ll also need to update your passport. We can...

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19 Aug

How to Get Your China Visa Even Faster

One of the smartest things you can do when you’re planning to travel to China from the United States, outsource the procurement of your travel visa to Texas Tower....

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18 Aug

How to Outsource Your Company Travel on a Budget

If your company requires employees to travel overseas on a regular basis, it makes good sense to outsource the procurement of passports and travel visas to a third party...

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