11 May

The Country With the Most Powerful Passport Is…

  Not the United States. Passport power is measured by the number of countries an individual can visit without needing a travel visa for entry. For 2017, the top...

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10 May

Did You Know China Updated Their Visa Photo Requirements?

In December 2016, the Chinese Consulate updated the requirements for the photograph that accompanies your visa application. Here is a brief overview of the changes: The template given for photos...

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24 Apr

Tourists Flocking to Newfoundland to See Giant 150-ft Iceberg

Newfoundland has long been a tourist hub of activity for people coming to see “Iceberg Alley.” Recently, a hunk of ice of huge proportions appears to be stuck and...

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19 Apr

April 19th Humorous Day Edition : Airport Pranks

It’s not only Wednesday and on the way to Friday, but April 19th is Humorous Day and we thought it would be a great day to look at some...

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17 Apr

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your U.S. Passport

Everyone that has gone through the process of getting a U.S. passport knows the basics of how it works and to keep their passport safe. Here are five things...

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06 Apr

7 Beautiful Travel Destinations for Walking Tours

A type of travel that is gaining rapid popularity is the guided walking tour. Small groups with local guides allow for an intimate tourist experience. Generally, the usual tourist...

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05 Apr

Russia Put Out a Tourist Travel Guide and It’s Seriously Funny

Traveling to a foreign land can be somewhat awkward if you don’t know the local customs. Also things that are okay to do in the U.S. may be culturally...

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27 Mar

Got a Passport and Love to Write? This Company Will Pay You $10K a Month to Travel

We recently ran across what many people might consider a dream job. Imagine getting paid $10,000/monthly to travel and you have slum it staying in million-dollar luxury accommodations. Sounds...

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24 Mar

Got a Spare $105K? You Can Dive the Titanic

It’s been a topic of heated debate for over three decades, since its discovery by Robert Ballard. Now it’s coming to fruition: you can dive the wreck of the...

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27 Feb

China Will Collect Fingerprints from Travelers

Are up a traveler between the ages of 14 to 70? You may find yourself providing your fingerprints upon entry to China next time you visit. In an effort...

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