31 Jan

U.S. Citizen Planning on Working in Venezuela? You Need to Know This

Are you a U.S. citizen planning on working in Venezuela? Working in Venezuela has a few extra requirements for a travel visa. Necessary Documents for a Venezuelan Work Visa...

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18 Jan

Need a Visa or Not for Haiti?

Haiti despite a devastating earthquake and reputation for lawlessness, Haiti is working on rebuilding their tourism industry. There are many things to see and explore in this island nation....

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17 Jan

How to Get a Pakistan Travel Visa

The State Department currently advises against non-essential travel by U.S. citizens to most regions of Pakistan and the India-Pakistan border for safety reasons. The most common reasons for traveling...

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15 Jan

Latest U.S. Passport News 1/15/2018

According to the State Department, lines for passports are long and can be expected to be longer. Also, the wait to receive a passport may increase due to the...

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