27 Apr

Tips for What You Can and Can’t Bring Back from Vietnam

What you can and cannot bring back from Vietnam can be confusing. Getting knowledgeable about what U.S. Customs allows into the country will make it a quick decision to...

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25 Apr

How to Drive Overseas as a U.S. Citizen (Hint: No Driving Test Required)

Whether you’re traveling overseas for business or pleasure, it is a good idea to have an International Driving Permit of your own. If public transportation is unreliable or you just...

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18 Apr

How to Change Your Name on Your U.S. Passport

There are a lot of reasons you might need to change your name on your passport. Marriage, divorce, legal name change, and other reasons. It boils down to: you...

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16 Apr

How to Get Your First Passport

Did you know only 38% of U.S. citizens have valid passports? Did you know that number is expected to rapidly increase before the REAL ID Act goes into full...

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