31 Aug

EU Removes the US From the COVID-19 Safe List

The US has been removed from the COVID-19 safe list by the EU for non-essential visits. The EU has recommended resuming restrictions for US travelers. Only unvaccinated citizens are...

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30 Aug

How to Get an International Driver’s License With Texas Tower

Even if you already have a driver’s license, it won’t be recognized as valid in other countries, unlike an international driver’s license, which is valid in numerous countries. Read...

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27 Aug

How to Renew Your Passport With Texas Tower in Houston

A passport is required to travel to different countries and Texas Tower can help you renew your passport with little hassle on your part. Read the steps below to...

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26 Aug

CDC Adds 6 Popular Travel Destinations to ‘Very High’ COVID-19 Risk List

Morocco, Sint Maarten, Kosovo, The Bahamas, Lebanon, and Haiti have all been added by the CDC to the ‘very high’ COVID-19 travel risk list. Texas Tower can help you...

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25 Aug

How to Get an Apostille With Texas Tower in Houston

If you are planning a trip, you may need an Apostille. Many countries require them as a certification that your documents are authentic. If you are in need of...

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24 Aug

How To Renew a Brazil Passport With Texas Tower in Houston

Brazil is currently open for US citizens via air travel, whereas travel by land and sea are not currently available. The requirements to renew a Brazil passport are listed...

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23 Aug

Is Cambodia Open For Travel From US Citizens

Cambodia is currently open for international travel. The country is currently at a level 3 “reconsider travel” advisory and all travelers aged two years or older must present a...

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20 Aug

How to Get a Nigeria Travel Visa With Texas Tower in Houston

Nigeria requires a passport and travel visa to enter. If you have been planning a trip to Nigeria, Texas Tower can help you get all of the necessary travel...

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19 Aug

Is Ghana Open For US Citizens?

Ghana is currently open for US travel and is at a level 2 “exercise increased caution” advisory. If you have been considering traveling to Ghana, there are a few...

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18 Aug

Can U.S. Citizens Travel to South Africa

U.S. citizens can travel to South Africa assuming that they have a negative COVID-19 certificate and obey the necessary health protocols. South Africa is currently at a level 4...

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