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30 Sep

24 Hour Passport Renewals in Houston

If your US passport has less than 6 months left before the expiration date, you need to renew or you cannot use it for travel outside the United States. 24 Hour Passport Renewals in Houston are permissible if your travel is within two weeks. There are additional fees for this type of expedited services but the process is simple.

Here’s all you need to do:
Complete the US passport renewal form
(link available on our site as it must be completed online at the Department of State’s passport portal)

Submit two passport-type photos.
We recommend that you have these pictures taken professionally by your local CVS or Walgreens.

Authorization for Texas Tower to act on your behalf at the Passport Agency Authorization
There is a sample authorization letter on our site.

Include your current passport Please note that your passport number will change.
Your canceled passport will be returned to you

Flight itinerary or company letter requesting rush service.
Sample rush request letter is available on our site

Submit everything to Texas Tower Passport & Visa order form Texas Tower with a completed order form and we do the rest!

Contact Texas Tower Passport and Visa when you need 24 hour passport renewal and they can make the process fast and easy. Call (713) 874-1420 today!

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